Top 3 HPS and MH Conversion bulb brands

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  1. Can anyone give me some evidence about which HPS and MH conversion bulbs are best? I'm looking to get 600w bulbs for my new setup. Price is a concern- I'm willing to drop about 100$ on each bulb if they are really worth it. Although, the cheaper the better ;)

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  3. You will hear a lot of hate directed at this response, but if you want to run digital ballasts, Sunpulse Pulse Start Metal Halides are the only light that is designed to run on the high frequencies (20,000 hertz) they use to operate. Traditional coil ballasts run at around 60 hertz.

    So if you want the digital ballasts, you have one choice. Sun Pulse makes MH lights suitable for all stages of growth.

    I use their entire line with great results run on Phantom and Luamtek ballasts. The Phantoms are way better.
  4. I just bought a lumatek 600w ballast. I read very good reviews about it and the phantom. I got the lumatek because it was $10 cheaper :D However, no you are making me second guess what I purchased because of those $10!

    Anyways, your saying you think I should get the sun pulse mh 6.4k bulb and mh 3k bulb. They're pretty expensive (about $230 shipped) compared to other brands. I don't know why those bulbs would be the only ones designed specifically for a digital ballast. Do you have any proof of this? Like an article stating it and comparing it to other brands?

    I was thinking of just getting a generic mh conversion bulb from HTG & getting a nice HPS bulb for about $80 (sunmaster or some other brand etc...)
  5. Go with an EYE Hortilux bulb. HTG carry's them. I got a 400 watt Lumatek and the bulb is deffinetley worth the price. I Veg under T5's but once I throw them into flowering they explode. I used to use the Agro sun bulbs and I can clearly tell a difference :wave:

  6. Don't worry about the Lumatek. They are great too. I just like the Phantom because it can stand vertically, and it has indicator lights that let you know the unit is functioning. The Lumatek doesn't have any indicator light, so if a light won't fire, you won't know if your ballast is no good right away. But I use a number of 1000W Lumatek ballasts, and I've only had one fail prematurely.

    Yes, I'm saying that Sun Pulse bulbs are the only bulbs currently on the market, that I'm aware of, that are specifically designed to run on digital ballasts like Lumatek and Phantom.

    There is a four page editorial in the magazine Maximum Yields October 2008 issue written by the Hortilux company. They tested Sunmaster, Eye Hortilux, Philips, GE, and others. They found that Sun Pulse bulbs were the only bulbs to function properly on high frequency Digital ballasts.

    There is a little "MUST READ" blurb about it on page 68 of the High Times "Master Grower Guide 2010". Sun Pulse bulbs are worth the price.
  7. So if I were to get the sun pulse bulbs, i would only get the 6.4k and 3k bulbs? Why do they have 4k and 10k bulbs too. I thought the light spectrum that is most effective for plants is between 2100k-6500k.
  8. There is actually an entire article about it in the High Times I mentioned. The most important info is found on page 64 under the heading; "The World's First True Digital Bulbs". It will tell you what you want to know. The K ratings on Sunpulse bulbs are not actual Kelvin ratings. They are just guidelines for stages of growth. The actual spectral output and true K ratings are protected intellectual property. And the Pulse Start technology is also protected by patent.

    But you won't go wrong with 6.4 for veg, and 3 for flower.
  9. you can pickup a non Digi Ballast Multi Tap 400watt with MH bulb for around $30.
  10. I don't consider myself cheap, but the sun pulse bulbs are pretty expensive. If I were to get the entire line it would be around $400 (just on bulbs!). I think what I will end up doing is getting the 6.4k & 3k bulbs. I'm going to start my seedlings under a t12 bulb until they are ready enough to hit the more powerful 600w setup in the tent.

    I don't like the agrosun company. I also do not think those bulbs compete with the bulbs I'm looking at. Like Hortilux & Sun Pulse.

    droppin bombs

    I've been reading a lot of different forums saying that the only bulbs that are designed for digital ballasts are the Sun Pulse bulbs. For the same money I would be able to get a eye hortilux hps and sunmaster cool deluxe mh conversional bulb.
    What do you guys think I should do?

    For my t12 light fixture, what is the best light spectrum for seedlings? around 4k?

  11. You don't have to buy the entire line up to do well with their bulbs. If you get a 6.4 for veg and the 3K for flower, you'll be golden. I really have had great results growing under the Sun Pulse bulbs.

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