Top 3 games you want to see remade in HD

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by AGoldenRaider, Jan 18, 2014.

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    Sniper Elite...original version...damn that's a great game with co-op
    Metal Gear
    FFX=preordered-This was the game that got me hooked

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    I wouldn't mind a total remake of Driv3r. It was a good concept, but was poorly executed. I think it would be very successful today if it was tweaked and upgraded.
  3. Ace Combat 4
    Ace Combat 5
    Ace Combat Zero
    All in one as a HD trilogy.
  4. I'd love to see the SOCOM series.
  5. Battletoads

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  6.  Well technically not a remake, but I'd like a mega man game similar to MM II: The Power Fighters.. Like maybe an X-version of it.
      But since capcom basically placed a hit out on the poor little robots, we wont likely ever see this series ever progress further.
  7. i don't play games much anymore but let's see
    crash bandicoot
    jak and daxter
  8. Tonyhawks underground 2
    Worms 3d
    Ducktales (already been done but fuck its so good)
  9. Road rash.. Ive been waiting for a remake for years ..
  10. sheep dog and wolf for ps1
  11. I want Final Fantasy IX remade or extended. That's one Final Fantasy I've always felt could have said so much more. 
    And just for wishes, I'd love Zelda parallel worlds remade on the big screen. I miss that SNES rural Zelda feel!!!
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    Hmm, that's a hard one..
    Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, me and my boy growin up played the shit outta the co-op
    Unholy War, for PS1, anyone remember this game? It's fuckin sick, still have and and been wantin to play it again
    And oh shit, Drakan: The Ancient's Gate was an awesome game too. So underrated, there was a bunch of armor and weapons, and you could ride a fuckin dragon, would definitely like to see an updated version or a remake of it. Wish I still had it.

  13. Scarface the world is yours for ps2, major as mask n orcarina of time

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    GTA: San Andreas
    Best game ever, would love to see one with graphics like GTAV

    Half Life 2
    This game is too good, even the original graphics look good. An HD version though? Hell yes!

    Super Mario 64
    The first game I ever played, I want to replay the Boo part again!
  15. I never played that many, but I'd like to see Donald Duck Quackshot, from Sega, redone.   
  16. Socom 2 (with online)
    Mario kart 64 (the one on the Wii isn't the same)
    Perfect Dark n64
  17. Soul reaver
    Wild arms 2
    Brutal legend

    i say brutal legend because it needs moar story. More metal.

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  18. Donkey Kong 64
    Mario Kart 64
    Snafu (on Intellivision)
  19. Honestly, I would like to see GTA SA remade in HD better than GTA five.
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    Oblivion with insane graphics

    To quote the great Albert Einstein "420 blaze that shit"

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