Top 3 Favorite Hip Hop Producers?

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  1. For me it's DJ Premier as my number one favorite, with RZA and Dr. Dre following close behind.
  2. J Dilla
  3. damn bro, i'm exactly with you there. Cept I'd probably put dre 1st, premier 2nd and RZA 3rd. But yeah its close aye.
  4. rza, dre, ant banks
  5. Primo, rza, dre.

    R.I.P J Dilla
  6. its all about rza and dre up in here.. 50 g's for a rza beat?? damnnn...
  7. Heres my list

    DJ Premier
    Just Blaze
    Havoc from Mobb Deep
    The Neptunes
  8. deff all the previous mention but how everyone gunna forget cool n dre
  9. RZA, Dr.Dre, Alchemist. Timbaland is good aswell.
  10. RZA, dre and just blaze

    i love drumma boy too but he hasnt made enough yet
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    Only 3? Too hard.

    But... I'd say. In no order.

    1. RZA
    2. Madlib
    3. Primo

    J Dilla
    Easy Mo Bee
    Dust Brothers
    The Bomb Squad
    Da Beatminerz
    A Tribe Called Quest
    MF Doom
    Large Professor

    I'll stop there for now.
  12. DJ Premier, Alchemist, and then prob. Pharrell.

    As gay as my list is all 3 make some hard hitting beats. :bongin:
  13. J Dilla, Madlib, Pete Rock
  14. I haven't heard much stuff from Madlib and J Dilla, can someone post some recomended tracks?
  15. J Dilla
    Pete Rock
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    I'll name albums

    Slum Village Fantastic Vol 2 -- Produced by JDilla
    Donuts -- Produced by JDilla
    Jay Loves Japan -- Produced By JDilla
    The Shining -- Produced by JDilla
    Rough Draft -- Produced by JDilla
    Champion Sound -- Produced by Jaylib - JDilla & Madlib
    Lootpack Soundpieces- Da Antidote! -- Produced by Madlib
    Madvillan- MF DOOM & Madlib Produced by Madlib
    Percee P - Perseverance -- Produced by Madlib
    Beat Konducta Volume 1-6 -- Produced by Madlib
    WLIB AM: King of the Wigflip -- Produced by Madlib
    Shades of Blue -- Produced by Madlib
    Quasimoto - The Unseen & The Further Adventures of Lord Quas -- Produced by Madlib

    EDIT: here is a Madlib Interview from Scratch Mag
  17. 1. premo
    2. just blaze
    3. alchemist

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