Top 3 Champion Strains You have PhenoHunted!

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Phenotype hunting and Strain hunting is a long road.
    I would love for some veterans and master growers to chime in and discuss the best champion strains you have discovered!

    -Please Post your Top 3 Champion Strains you have discovered!
    -Please Also List The Top 3 Champion Genetic Breeders in your opinion!

    The only Strain i can suggest is Wedding Gelato by Royal Queen Seeds.
    It is the most beautiful bud structure and gorgeous plant.
    Highly Recommended.
    There is much better strains though, this is the best I've seen though.

    Please let me know your thoughts and opinions~!!!

    Thanks everyone!
    Appreciate your time if you can chime in and spread your knowledge and opinions!
  2. One of my all time favorites, and I would love to get again, but it's so hard to find is Casey Jones. It's Thai x Train Wreck x Sour Diesel. I should get some seeds of it. Mr. Nice and Mr. Hash Plant are another yummy strain. Blackberry Kush is also great and part of this nutritious breakfast.
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    Wow that sounds like a exotic strain!
  4. I should have read your OP more closely, sorry. I have no idea (breeder wise).

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