Top 10 Ways to Avoid getting Busted

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by nikidog11, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. Do I have your attention fellow closet growers?

    I have compiled this list from research and experiance.

    1-Do not tell Any one
    2-Do not tell Any one
    3-Do not tell Any one
    4-Do not tell any one (are you getting the point?)
    I know its hard not to want to show or tell about your babys with your bro's or bro'ettes but all it takes is one loud mouth (I bet u know one) or one pissed off boyfriend/girlfriend or some idiot or someone tryin to get out of a sticky situation to turn you in or more likely rip you off.

    5-Do not Sell it
    6-Do not Sell it
    7-Do not Sell it
    8-Do not Sell it (are you getting the point?)
    Look the Police, Feds and DEA have better things to do than raid your closet, rip up your 2 male seed bag plants, and bust you for manufacture and sale of a controlled substance, (can you say 20years?) BUT THEY WONT HESITATE IF YOU GIVE THEM A REASON.

    9- Be smart
    10-Be smart
    Think about things like......
    Your electric bill, no one is probably going to notice a 400W HPS but you try and set up 4 -1000W HPS with all the trimmings and your little electric meter wheel is going to be spinning so fast it will get warm .
    Pot smells, if your planning on growing some killer bud in your closet and you still live with mom and dad, things are GOING to smell. When your checking out of your favorite wal-mart or home depot with your "grow lights", soil, potters, fans, electric cords and fertilizers for gods sake buy some .99cent flowers while your at it. Or better yet buy these things one at a time with other goods at different stores. Capiche?
    If your going to be hanging a 30-50 lb light from the closet rod remember there held in by PLASTIC mounts. Use the appropriate chain/rope/joist hooks and make sure it will hold the weight.
    Lights, fans, wiring and any other goodies need to be on a electrical circuit that will handle them. Dont screw around dont do things mickey mouse, if you think it might burn down it might. No bud is worth your life or freedom, AGREE?

    Good luck
    Be SAFE

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