Top 10 List: Marijuana Mistakes

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  1. Would like to read some opinions from growers here. I know there's a lot of info here that contradicts some of the more common things that we do as growers. I've broken most of these tips.

    10 Most Common Mistakes Growing Marijuana

    1. Don't Over water
    Over watering kills marijuana plants. Water once the top few inches of the soil dry out. Hydroponics is harder to over water because rockwool has such excellent drainage properties. As long as the rockwool cubes are not sitting in liquid it is virtually impossible to over water a hydroponic setup. A hydroponic setup could either be watered constantly as the drip method, or once to three times a day as in the flood and drain method.

    2. Don't Tell People
    Why? They will only be jealous. People love to feel important and that is why they will tell other people; because others will listen to them.
    Keep it to yourself.

    3. Touch/kill Germinating Seeds
    Please have some patience. It sometimes takes 10 days for a seed to sprout. The paper towel method is not recommended because you must handle the seeds when transferring them from the paper towel to your growing medium.

    4. Grow seeds from seeded marijuana
    One of the greatest disappointments known to the growing man.
    90% of what the final product will be is in the seed's genetics and has little to do with the environment the plant is grown in.
    Many get their hands on the seed and think they have a gold mine. They will probably grow something like this: hermaphrodites, tall late flowering females coupled with early flowering males. This is because the only pollen that could have produced the seed was from a hermaphrodite or a very stunted and late flowering male the grower did not notice. Unless you are prepared for possible disappointment don't use "unknown" seeds. This is why people buy seeds from seedbanks.

    5. Don't Over fertilize.
    Fertilize after first 2 spiked leaves appear follow the label. DON'T FERTILIZE EVERY TIME YOU WATER!!!
    Start with 25% and work your way up!
    Leach the plants with lots of pure water every 2-4 weeks. Organic growing is recommended. Its tastes better and burns much better.
    If the leaves suddenly twist or fold under, Leach and Spray with pure water for several days!

    6. Don't Under fertilize
    Under fertilizing is less common but it happens. If you are one of those people that likes to give the plant just enough nutrients make sure you use a organic soil mixture with blood meal and bone meal or some slow release fertilizer with micro nutrients.

    7. Don't Start with Clones. (I personally don't agree with this, I use clones and cuttings)
    Start with seeds. Bugs are a pain, So are plant diseases. Many growers are able to grow indoors without pest problems for years. If they do get pests they are probably not enjoying the change from their usual diet to marijuana resin! But as soon as you come in contact with others grow material (cuttings) it is almost guaranteed that its from a long time grower that has many different pests all eating marijuana and bug spray (and surviving) for hundreds of generations!... Think about it.

    8. Don't Start Too Early Inside or Outdoors
    For several reasons! If you are starting outdoors June 1 is perfect. But if I start earlier I will get bigger buds right? Probably Wrong!
    Its strange but usually true. ill explain. Plants started in early spring will get big but they will take significantly longer to start flowering. This is because at the peak vegetative period they sense the light cycles getting longer and longer, until June 21. But they don't realize that its time to flower yet. Finally in the middle of August the plant says "HEY" "time to flower already" and it produces buds in August and September or later they will be tall as trees but thinner buds due to the fact that the sun is not as strong in September. Now if the ganja plants were put out later, as soon as they get a foot off the ground they say "what's going on" I am just in early veggie and the light hours aren't getting longer in fact SHORTER" Then the plants go crazy and since the sun is so bright in July and August you get amazing 6 foot trees that are heavier than the plants started in April!!! in addition to finishing earlier the late started plants are not nearly as noticeable.
    Indoors is the same for different reasons. The light cannot penetrate more than a foot or two. So flower when plants are a foot tall. If you wait longer because you want bigger yields, you will get smaller yields and wait longer for them.

    9. Don't Provide A Bad Environment.
    Always provide air circulation and fresh air even during the night cycle is fine. All the air indoors should be replaced every 5-10 minutes.
    Humidity between 30-70% temp aim for around 75-85' Even seedlings need a gentle fan to strengthen the stems.

    10. Don't Harvest Too Early.
    I know its hard. You see the buds and resin forming at a rapid rate. The buds are potent and you feel tempted to chop em down! The only problem is that another 25% of the weight will form in 2 more weeks. Wait until the plants have totally stopped growing and the white pistils are at least 50-75% brown.

    *NOTE: Outdoors if security is a factor make your own call on when to sacrifice the fields. Also take buds continuously in case of thieves.
  2. When I talk to people about it outside the NET, I am usually looking for like minded people who may have seeds for trade. Yes. I like to feel important, but this is not my objective. I've only told three people.

    I've never used clones nor have I germinated a seed in a wet paper towel. When starting out I had no choice but to start with seeds from a seeded bud. It's call bagseed and they are good to learning how to manage a garden.
  3. rule 4 is poorly worded .. it doesn nothing to distinguish how you can almost "field test" to see if pot is seeded from hermies, or true males ..aka seed counts...

    and number 8 is total Bullshit, cept when the talk indoors...
    and number 9 is umm kinda vague

    and what the fuck is # 7 about .. I still do not get how if you introduce a new clone your grow wil get bugs. I mean I get it , but if they are good enough to be selling clones ..dont ya think that particular old grower can possibly get rid of the bugs/disease .?.. rubbish ....

    but well the Greensman pages are way outdated..
  4. What? Not true.

    Some of the other tips are so silly, 'don't provide a bad environment'. That's just the most idiotic piece of advice I've ever heard.
  5. nope not really .. I mean what that bag of mexi brick .. all the seeds are from Hermie.. yeah right...Where the frack do you think all these great strains came form to begin with?.. I can guarantee it was not Arjan in a rental car, doing a world tour..

    I also know commercial growers who actually seeds one or two branches per grow.. and make damn sure that those seeded buds get into circulation...

    and do not ever take advice from a seed broker on genetics/seeds ever...
  6. these tips are stupid and i recommend some one just starting to not read any of them, half are common sence and the other half are wrong/ contradicte themselfs
  7. so rule 3...right now im using the "paper towel" method but what other methods of germinating are there & how am i supposed to move the sprouted seed into the soil facing downwards if i cant touch the seed? should i use tweezers? im @ like 18 hours of germinating one seed ,for now, and there are no signs of sprouting. i dont even know when to expect it to sprout either though I followed the Germinating 420 Guide, But this will be my first grow and any help, tips, advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks

  8. Could be a couple more days. Get some heat in there and it will sure speed up the process.
    I had a bunch of seeds germing in some Tupperware in darkness, in a cupboard. Had some others germing in Tupperware wrapped in some black cloth (for darkness), celotaped to the top of my computer. The ones on top of my computer took a day, the others 3-4.
    Tweezers would be good. Don't touch the root tip.
    Keep those towels moist. And some air circulation whenever you check.
    Good luck.
  9. What? It should have said "Only Start from clones, seeds will waste years of your life looking for the right plant".
  10. this post is a joke. seems the best growers around are all doin it wrong. only rule you need to know on this page is to not let clowns tap on your roots while transplanting yougerminated seeds in the vacuum of space. please note that transplanting is best done on the back side of the moon.

    one more thing. I've found that the best place to germ seeds is under your tongue or in a tiger's vagina.
  11. lol'd .
  12. 1. Don't Over water
    2. Don't Tell People
    3. Touch/kill Germinating Seeds
    4. Grow seeds from seeded marijuana
    5. Don't Over fertilize.
    6. Don't Under fertilize
    7. Don't Start with Clones. (I personally don't agree with this, I use clones and cuttings)
    8. Don't Start Too Early Inside or Outdoors
    9. Don't Provide A Bad Environment.
    10. Don't Harvest Too Early.

    So all the best growers are doing it wrong by avoiding these mistakes, and these mistakes are a joke and a waste of time and shouldn't be read by anyone. I guess you'd just tell the new growers to follow this step by step to ensure the perfect grow.

    I would like to add mistake 11.

    11. Don't wash hands before touching germinating seeds and transplanting seedlings. Washing your hand will remove bacteria and germs that could otherwise damage or kill the germinating seed and transplanted plant.
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    Harvesting by pistil color only is unreliable. My GDP on my last grow, pretty much all of the hairs were brown by the time I started flushing. The trichomes, however, were still mostly cloudy, with some that were still clear. If you really want to know when to harvest, get a magnifying glass (or, like I do, a camera with a nice macro lens :D ) and inspect the trichomes. Clear means they aren't ready at all. Cloudy means it's all/mostly THC. Amber means the THC has degraded to CBN. CBN gives you a more couch-lock, sedative stone, while THC gives you a more up, head high. If you harvest using only hairs, you won't have any idea what kind of high to expect. If you look at the trichomes you can pick and choose what effects your bud has. Harvest an indica late and you'll get "herijuana" type highs. Harvest a sativa early and your head will explode. :p
  14. I agree 100 % with zpyro.

    To add to his post, yes, seeds from hermies are feminized, but without stabalizing the strain, your resulting offspring will likely be hermies too.

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