Top 10 Favorite Songs

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  1. I am sure this thread has been posted many times, but who cares?

    My top 10 songs are

    1. Giant Steps. John Coltrane
    2. Stairway to Heaven. Led Zepplin
    3. Hey Joe. Jimi Hendrix
    4. The Wind Cries Mary. Jimi Hendrix
    5. Asprinado. Stan Getz
    6. Jammin' Bob Marley
    7. Violin Concerto, In D, Op. 35. Pytor Tchaikovsky
    8. Stardust. Louis Armstrong
    9.High Way Man. Willie Nelson
    10. Any Colour You Like. Pink Flyod

    I would love to see your guys favorite songs. So feel free to post your own :smoke:
  2. Kid Cudi-Man On The Moon

    Kid Cudi-Heaven At nite

    Aaliyah- 1 in a 1,000,000

    Pretty Ricky-Get a lil closer

    Ludacris-BluBerry Yum Yum

    Lil Wayne-Brand New (If you haven't heard this check it,pretty catchy)

    Twista-Adrenaline Rush

    T.i.-What You Know About That

    Krayzie bone n Bob marley-Revolution Music

    Lil Wayne-I Feel like dying

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