top 10 favorite rappers/rap groups

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  1. post up your favorite emcees/emcee groups...

    10. Jurassic 5
    9. A Tribe Called Quest
    8. Mos Def
    7. Souls of Mischief
    6. Zach Dela Roca
    5. Talib Kweli
    4. Jin (freestyle fridays...this guy can spit)
    3. Sage Francis
    2. Rahzel
    1. Slug/Atmosphere
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  2. I don't really listen to a LOT of rap nowadays but I sure used to about 10 years ago.

    10. Beastie Boys
    9. Eazy E
    8. Ice T
    7. 2 Live Crew
    6. Snoop Dogg
    5. Run DMC
    4. Cypress Hill
    3. Ice Cube
    2. NWA
    1. Dr. Dre
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  3. tupac
    Big Pun
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  4. In no order

    DJ Screw
    South Park Mexican
    Lil' Flip
    Big Moe
    SouthCoast Players
    Screwed Up Clique
    Brother Lynch Hung
  5. cypress hill
    wu tang
    snoop dogg
    easy e
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  6. I don't listen to much of this genre but here are my favorites in no particular order:

    Beastie Boys
    Cypress Hill
    Black Eyed Peas ("rap", or?? doesn't matter they rock)
    Souls of Mischief/Heiroglyphics
    VANILLA ICE (kidding, but hey he WAS COOL for like 10 minutes!)
    Wu Tang Clan
    Snoop Dogg

    that's all I could think of!
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  7. Talib Kweli

    Mos def

    Wu tang

    Big L




    Eminem....<< older stuff




    Sage Francis


    I listen to all underground hip hop

    thats all I could think of at the moment

    peace bladez
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  8. 1. EMINEM, best lyrical rapper ever

    Tupac, Dre, Snoop, Scareface, Bone Thugs, Kurupt

    any order all good
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  9. 2 PAC
    2 PAC
    2 PAC
    2 PAC
    2 PAC
    3 6 MAFIA
    2 PAC
    2 PAC
    2 PAC
    2 PAC
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  10. who the hell is tupac? jk
  11. LOL, i just said "WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" then saw the j/k part :) Well Tupac is the greatest but Ja Rule is getting up there......
  12. 1. Dr. Dre
    2. Eminem
    3. Ruff Ryders
    4. D12
    5. NWA
    6. Snoop Dogg
    7. Ice Cube
    8. Xzibit
    9. Kardinal Offishal
    10. Choclair
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  13. =CYPRESS HILL= is dah shiet god bow down *HOMAGE*
    =TUPAC= and his views on us minoritys
    =EMINEM= when im high as hell he just makes sense
    =SOUTH PARK MEXICAN= when im pist best rap evah
    =PSYCHO REALM= socialist libaralist rap lol
    =DARKROOM FAMILIA= gangster rappers frum L.A.
    =BONE THUGS= man they been at it frum tha start

    and the rest is too commercial for me theres alot more beats but these guys rule!!now back to my cypress...BOOM BOOM...

    GROW ON-peace out
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  14. I just bought the new Eminem, and although there are a couple of songs on there that I don't care for, there are 3 that I thought were wonderful stories of his life in America. The first is "White America", #2 on the CD, which is a wonderful "story" of his rise to popularity amoung young people, and the fact that "Congress keeps telling me I ain't causin' nothin' but problems, for White America"....

    "Without Me", the currently playing single from this album, is good, but I find it to be "cute" rather than the hard edge that I usually look for in music of this nature. Again, the message of bucking the system is there (and that's a GOOD THING, right?).

    The other song is "Cleaning out my Closet", and is a WONDERFUL look into why this guy acts the way he does. If one listens to that song, with no preconcieved notions of who the artist is, your eyes will fill with tears, and your heart will feel with saddness for the little boy that he must have been. One particular line in that song that gets me is.... "remember when Ronny dies, and how you wished it was me...."
    No child should ever have to hear his mother tell him that she wishes he had died in place of someone else. This song gives insight into the HUMAN Marshall Mathers, instead of the rapper Eminem.

    Anyone that would like to hear any of these songs, let me know.... I will email to you after lunch.

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  15. its a pretty good cd, got it before it came out, thought everone did, lol. Guess I will listen to "cleaning out my closet" and see if I cry, hehe
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  16. I'm not a big fan of HipHop, but I like some of the more intelligent stuff, like KRS-One, Zack DeLa Rocha, and OutKast. They're all great. But my faves in no order.

    - KRS-One
    - Zack DeLa Rocha
    - OutKast
    - Snoop Dogg (but only Doggystyle. i don't like the rest.
    - Wu Tang Clan
    - Run-DMC (haha, I love them when i'm caked... like now)

    so caked, i couldn't find anyone who'd mentioned KRS-One. He rules! but.... it's probably there.... among the blurrr....
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  17. shit man, with me there are so many diffrent moods...and all moods have dffirent styles...

    even within the rappers...diffrent types of songs for diffrent moods...its too difficult man...i guess its like asking a aprent who their favorite child is

  18. 1. cypress hill
    2.dead prez.
    3.insane clown posse
    4.bone-thugs-n-harmony limit soldiers
    6. ja rule
    7. beastie boys
    8.westside connection
    10.all cash money rappers
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  19. Living Legends
    Arat- Funny as hell when he flows in japanese
    Souls of Mischief
    Lords of the underground
    Snoop/Dre( some of their shits good)

    They're in no particular order just what came to mind.
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  20. I'm just replying to this thread so I can find it again when I'm in the mood to listen to some shit I haven't heard before.

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