Toothless Lesbians.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jun 17, 2003.

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  1. I always thought a blowjob from a toothless woman would be good, but after much thought I think a toothless woman going down on another woman would be much more pleasurable.
  2. Hahahahaha lmao you come up with some strange stuff Poppa!
  3. [​IMG]Maybe he carn,t see the fullmoon but it still has that effect on him ,lol.[​IMG]
  4. i dunno... sounds to me more like a guy would get more benifit from it. a mix of the usual soft independantly moving bits and then a less soft gummy \"clamp\"... could be really good. lol

    i gotta ask though... what got you thinking about this bpp. did u discover that ashley judd has falsies?
  5. what if she kept her mouth shut and you never knew she was toothless \'til she was down there... still gonna say its a turn of?


    ps... this is a very very strange thread.
  6. Strange indeed Digit!

    BPP must have been looking at the grannie porn again. He must have noticed some of them didn\'t have any teeth!


    Critter this must be because of a dark full moon!!!!!!!

    Or maybe just grannie porn again!

  7. Nothing if you are over the age of 60 or you need a special woman to get off on!

    I prefer 20-30 aged women though! With or with out teeth!
  8. I would like to get sensimils opinion on this subject.

    The old joke in this part of the country is a perfect woman is toothless, brethes out of her ears, and has a flat head to put your beer on.

    The perfect man has handle bar ears, breathes out of a hole in the back of his head and has a 12\" tongue.

    I thought if you combined the two, add the square root of an acute triangle, divide by the sun\'s inclination on leap year and count the stripes on a wooly catepillar before a hog killing frost, you would wind up with a toothless lesbian who could really dive into her pleasure.

    Snesi what do you think?
  9. (hi from OR!)

    Ooooookie dopey...

    First things first, I like the imaginative question BPP. imaginative!
    I really cant see this a good thing for us lesbians. Really, teeth dont get in the way, only if you want them too. A little nibble with the teeth in the right places can be arousing...
    and It can tend to get sloppy down there, like waterpark slip and slide sloppy. I find myself having to wipe down things as the conditions may tend to get a liitle to wet to work in..I cant imagine some flappy gummed chick slobering it all up down there lost in a pool of.. . . .you get the idea.
    Since most the action is in the tongue (which I have yet a lot of lesbians to teach about proper technique), I really dont think Id be interested in toothless lesbian sex. and I know if I were toothless Id be pretty upset about missing nibbling on all the wonderfully sweet tasty soft spots on the womans body *drool* :p
    so GUYS, they are alllllllll YOURS!
  10. hahaha.....HA..... i don\'t know what to say about all this.

  11. ROFLMAO...holy crap!

    oh, and overgrowray, i know what you mean!
  12. I\'d bang a hot chick with no teeth in a second.

 long as the rest of her naughty bits were in proper working order. ;)

  13. oh yeah!

  14. just say yes.

  15. lmao.

    gotta love this thread.


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