Toothache sucks!

Discussion in 'General' started by imageek, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. For real. It's probably the most evil pain in the world. It feels like you're trapped inside your own pain prison with no escape.

    I've been using this nicorete spray for about 3 months to quit smoking. Works wonders. But nobody told me that it can damage teeth. The tooth in the location where I spray is decaying so fast. I believe it's a wisdom tooth.

    Can't believe this has happened. I brush twice a day, floss regular. Then one day out of the blue I was eating food and a chunk of my tooth came off. A week later extreme pain. Feels like I've been hit with a bat in the side of my mouth.

    It's going to be a ba*tard to extract, I have a feeling. Got to wait 7 days for my appointment and now I am told they wont do treatment on the same day because they need to take a look at my teeth and figure out how long the extraction will take. I told them to rip it out.

    Paracetamol is helping slightly. Tempted to go get a little bottle of whisky to swill around my mouth to see if that helps. I woke up fine, soon as I ate a ham sandwich though the pain started. Eating is hard, no doubt I'll lose a bit of weight of this. *sigh*

    I have no idea how people work with toothache, or get by their daily business.

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  2. I envy the shark right now. They grow new teeth in a matter of minutes.
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  3. Get that shit pulled. Sedation dentistry is the shit. You won't be asleep but the drugs they give you are out of this world. You won't give one single damn. Just had mine done and went through the same thing you are.

    Constant pain especially when I'm trying to go to sleep and nothing would really get rid of it. And for God sake don't eat ice cream. Almost put me in the fetal position

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  4. Sedation is rare, at least around this area. Theres one place that does it but you have to be referred. I hate the numb feeling in the mouth. Thats the only way they pull a tooth round here :(
  5. There an old gamekeeper near me who pulls his own teeth.
    Mad old bastard.

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  6. I feel you man, I use to get headaches from those.

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  7. Apparently is common. I've heard of a few people doing it. Crazy!!!
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  8. Thats the worst. The headache and the pain in the jaw. If it just remained in the tooth area it'd be cool.

    You literally can not function whilst it's bad. I pace the floors, squeeze my face, run cold water from the tap into my mouth, anything to try and stop it. I hate taking pain killers and meds, but in the end the only thing that stops it is "above recommended dose" of paracetamol.

    I broke my hand hitting a wall (long story). That was painful, but I'd rather do that again than have bad toothache.

    Pain anywhere else is ok. I can deal with it. But toothache feels like the pain is invading your personal space.
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  9. Yeah I had that for 2 years lol I was 15 and I was afraid of years dentist and some days It wouldn't hurt but some days it hurt so so bad! I ended up getting a root canal surgery. Wasn't too bad,once I got it i felt so good.

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  10. Op try aleve or bc powder ... i use aleve for my toothaches & i heard bc powder works to but i never tried it, my pals have tho & they said it works like a charm ..also swishing warm salt water around your mouth slightly pulls down the pain ..

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