Tooo much 2c-i

Discussion in 'General' started by 12inchbong, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone.

    In the past 2 and a half weeks I think I've done 2c-i 5 or 6 times. I snorted 10mg on friday night, and then did a little mroe than 15mg orally on saturday night. Sunday night I smoked two fatty bowls and a huge joint and started tripping out again, and today after school I smoked 2 bong bowls and 2 more bowls and started tripping out yet again. I think I've done entirely too much 2c-i, and I don't plan on doing any more for a loooooong time. I swear I can still see faint patterns like the ones I see tripping on 2c-i when I'm sober. This probably isn't good.....

    I plan on getting some 5-MeO-DMT and some DPT in the near future....
  2. i see faint patterns when im super stoned lol
  3. That was a lot of numbers and letters combined... I have no idea what any of those are???
  4. i heard dmt is pretty good, pretty intense though... im gunna try it soon, just gotta find someone who has it... all we got round here is a bunch of yuppie smokers who think their cool because they smoke pot once a month... and on the other hand people who do any and all drugs just to get a buzz...i dont like either type... i guess im just perfect:p
  5. i smoke to get high.

  6. roflmao!

  7. its even funny when u imagion freakazoid saying it.

    Yes.....i did laugh

  8. They're research chemicals.
  9. hey 12inch bong did you get yours online (dont mention any sources cause I know them) and is it worth it?
  10. ...what is it?
  11. 2c-i is a phenylthylamine created by Alexander Shulgin....

    And I got it online from a chemical supplier. I paid $30 for 100mg or $45 for 200mg. I only need 10-30 to get an effect. 20 is a very nice trip, and 30 is intense for me.

    To no surprise, I was tripping again today after I did a 5 bowl wake and bake. I hope this shit goes away soon.....
  12. So what your saying is that everytime you smoke pot you trip like your on 2c-i?

    Maybe the chemical has stayed in your body and whenever you get stoned you get a 'buzz' and the chemical is released again thus your tripping, i don't know just a thought.
  13. dude, 2C-E is where its at. All my frineds and I have done it and it sounds SO shady, its hard to get ppl to try it, but mAn. It gives u the body buzz of X WITHOUT the swiss-cheese brain, and the visuals of shrooms and acid. and get this-----NO side effects but a little nasuea. its powder form. 1/50th of a gram is a hit and u mix it in with any amt of water u want. U trip 20 min later for about 5-6 hours. Its crazy and fun. U can drink and smoke on it too. i recommend to anyone who is a little adventurous to try this new stuff. Give me replies if u wanna know more.
  14. 2C-E, i would try it but getting it is next to impossible.
  15. yea it is kinda hard to get but if u live in the midwest or in california... thats where we get it from, (my friends from yale).. its around and about. U have the ask the rite ppl i guess
  16. 2c-e is available from the research chemical supplier that I bought my 2c-i from. They just started supplying it a few weeks ago....

    I'm not sure if I want to get some 2c-e and compare it to the 2c-i trip, but it's something I might do.

  17. You can't asssume this. These are research chemicals, and I'm pretty sure no research has been done as to the affects of these chemicals on the body from recreational use. It could turn out that there are no long-term side effects, but they could discover ten years from now that if you take this stuff you'll develope some weird ass disease. But I'm willing to take chances, because I only plan to live until I'm 60 and I wanna do what I wanna do until then....
  18. lol, strangely enough a friend said he could get me some 2c-e this weekend, i'm not sure if i wanna try it
  19. Nah i'm nowhere near midwest, i'm from ireland.


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