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  1. I have just potted four seedlings into four 4gallon pots using soil as recommended throughout this site. My space is 2.5' x 5.5' x 8'(ht). Air circulation is not a concern as a bathroom fan has been installed to move air along with a room fan to assist in the process. What I have for lighting is two 70watt HPS, and one 150watt HPS, as well as six 2' flourescent fixtures with agro bulbs mounted along the walls. I can provide a picture of the space if required for assistance with my ??'s Question..
    Do I have enough light? I am guessing that I have in the area of 3000 lumens per sq\ft.. is that enough or too much? Also just how much airflow should be in this room.. slight breeze... or more?

    any advice would be greatly appreciated guys and or gals.

    thanks for your help... just want to create the best environment possible.

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  2. that enuff light for 4 plants...
  3. spot on.

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