Tools for creating good joint material?

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  1. Hello Grass City,

    I work in the Washington 502 cannabis industry for a tier 3 processor/producer/extractor. We have had a whole line of joint packs for some time now (4 joints per box, .75g per joint, 3g total) and for the most part it has gone well. However, I have experienced some trouble in regards to the actual material used in the joints as being too finely ground up and in some cases not smoke so well. I want our customers to be happy and I want our joints to smoke evenly and cleanly, even if 3-5 people are thunder lunging the dang thing.

    My question is this; what tools/devices/products/techniques can grind up shake/leaf on a commercial scale to get that perfect consistency to pack/smoke without turning it into dust?
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    and thats why people feel dicked by shop joints bro! :(
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  4. Did i come to the right forum for serious questions?
  5. get a big ass rock tumbler
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    I would think you'd want a cage tumbler - sort of like a bingo ball tumbler - with balls inside to break it up - think marbles, golf balls, pool balls.... You'd want a cage that would let the material fall out at a specific size so it wouldn't be pulverized. Some trial and error for screen size/hole size should get you there pretty quick - barrel sized dependent on your load size for batches. You could screen out all the 'really fines' for consistency. Seems like it would be important to control moisture and humidity to ensure repeatability, especially here in the PNW.

    Rock on i502.

    If it works out - sport me some pre rolls...
  7. Another thought I just had ---- modifying a paper shredder for cutting the material instead of trying to break it up. Find an old shredder and figure out how to make a 'chute' into the cutter blades. You'd probably want to remove material around the cutters to open up an area to minimize clogging. Screen out finer material and send coarse back thru. Some McGuyver'ing required.

    Could be a cheap - high volume grinder. Can look further into cross cut shredders if needed.
  8. You came to a forum of cannabis users, and every single one of us with half a brain would be pissed to buy leaves when we actually thought we were buying buds.

    Use actual buds and turn the trim into extract.
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  9. You roll joints with trim? That's sad

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