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  1. I have been a fan of tool for around 2 years now and i have come to the conclusion that they are some of the best musicians around at this time. Jones' pounding riffs backed, and sometimes led, by chancellor's melodic bass fills completely takes me to another dimension. To top it off, maynards harmonic and powerful vocals push me over the edge. Is anyone else here a fan of tool? If so say why and what you find so pleasing about their music.
  2. i love tool. i don't know what it is about them that makes me love their music. i love the way their heavy and melodic at the same time and i love Maynards lyrics. no one writes lyrics like that guy.
  3. A lot sets them apart..but one thing that I find that I love about tool is maynard voice. His voice I find unlike any other..
  4. that's awsome too.
  5. yeah.. those guys are really wicked.. i heard them a while ago, and i didn't like them, but then when i heard them more recently, i fell in love with their music.
  6. Cool, I've seen Tool twice on their last tour with Meshuggah(who are fucking awesome). I got to smoke at both shows, a lot at the second show! Joint and a half to the head during tool's set was fucking awesome.

    Just great music to chill to, and it's kinda heavy, which is a huge plus.
  7. i'm really glad to hear there are other people who love Tool :)

    but man, i haven't heard anyone say a thing about Danny Carey the drummer! he's amazing! you should all listen to Tool again and listen to the drums!
  8. hell yeah tool is great one of the best heavy bands of our time. i mostly listen to old rock and jam bands but tool is so amazing that i just love their passion for the music.
  9. i have to say the first two albums had me hooked ...i feel in love with sober the first time i heard it!

    but a perfect circle just doesent do it for me.....
  10. ^my thoughts exactly.

  11. I can't belive i forgot carey. His beats are extraordinary. I think i mentioned him in another thread on this forum.
  12. love tool..thats what i gota

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