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  1. Does anyone listen to TOOL when smoking? I'm a big fan of tool and have gone to a concert; unforgettable. They seem to talk about trippy things and makes you think when youre high.

    I'm listening to tool right now, Parabol. Great song.

    SMoke time.
  2. i fucking love TOOL. im planning on going to their next concert. next time they are in town that is.

    hope its good.

    what am i talking about? its TOOL for christ's sake!!
  3. (moved to music hall)

    <--------*huge* tool fan here. last maynard news I heard rumored was efforts of yet another side project...havent heard anything since, that was articled on the net in april..but nothing beats tool. Laterus I love to play straight through, totally relaxed to the T :) good call
  4. I love Tool so much, but when I'm high I much prefer A Perfect Circle. just so chilled.

    i've heard Maynard has like.... 12 side projects! what a busy man.
  5. i left my tool cd at a girls house i slept at and never saw it again
  6. Is A Perfect Circle going to release another album. I loved Mer De Noms so much but I listened it to death.

  7. lol she knows whats up
  8. I love tool!

    but only the first 3 albums, my personal opinion is that the break killed them. Lateralus just doesn't do it for me...
  9. tool is great.

    heavy music for lazy people.

  10. brilliant stuff, true artist's who put all their thoughts in feelings into their music.

    Aug. 13 im going to see them for my second time! First time was amazing, so many people tripping sac in just one place, people were even throwing bags of psilocyben mushrooms to the band!!
  11. wow, uhh Tool is really one of the best bands out there. There albums are incredible!!! The lyrics are tripy, the vocals are OUTSTANDING, oh then you got the fucking instrumental GODness! Danny that guys rips I would suck all the band members dicks for crack...............hmmm......Im stoned
  12. ^^^^^

    good fer you. i wanna be stoned too... gotta wait a few days tho'. work.
  13. gå ta banen... feilmeldinger over alt. faen!

    i wanna get stoned too. just a few more days...

    and tool is on the top of my playlist :D

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