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  1. Crazy rhythms, mind-blowing riffs, and potentially-insane lyrics... Is there anything better when stoned?

    I dunno about anyone else who listens to 'em, but listening to these guys while stoned is incredible...The music takes me to a whole other world. I can decipher the riffs so much better, and I really learn to appreciate how artsy and respectful these guys are...

    This post is dedicated to the members of TOOL: Maynard, Adam, Danny, Justin, and Paul (former member)...Thanks guys for making my music life so damn interesting :)

    (Yeah, right, like they're browsing every stoner lounge) ;)
  2. hehe...we're all entitled to our opinions.
    TOOL is for a select few :)
  3. i love TOOL my friends band can play Eulogy, its SOOOO SICK!!
  4. that's true talent man...eulogy is a DIFFICULT song to do...
  5. tool is definitely among my top 10. their albums are incredible, and they always pull off an amazing live performance. i saw them in a small venue that seats about 2500 last year - the place just flooded with the sound of tool, and the crowd transformed into a mesmerized wave of awe. i will never forget that, 2nd best concert for me ever.

    and a perfect circle isn't half bad either, also great performance-wise as well. just had to mention them, i couldn't help it :D
  6. I agree

    Perfect Circle is a great band.
  7. tool is in my top 3 of all time to listen to, anytime! maynards voice is amazing.
    I have a soft spot for apc, not nearly as close as tool is, but I still like what theyve produced.
    maynard is doing yet another side prioject. I dont think there are details out but it has seeped out that hes doing something else on the side of tool and maynard fans, keep your ears open!

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