1. If you listen to Tool, and actually get something out of it then you probably get how trippy Tool can be. Tool to me is really nice to listen to while tokin up because it makes you think. It's partially targeted for the LSD crowd but works 4 the stoner crowd 2 of course. If it didnt i wouldnt make this thread. Any tool heads out there?
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  2. New album coming soon.
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  3. I've been listening to Tool again. Actually listening. It's like the lyrics we're a jumble or incomprehensible words before but the sound was always wonderful. Now, the lyrics have seeped into my soul... crept into my skin, rang in my ears,and vibrated my mind. Lateralus is what I've been listening to. And where I'm at right now, reflection is where I am. It's funny how things just come to you when you need it and can truly appreciate it. Tool is from someone beyond.
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  5. exactly. u know for a lot of tools music, maynard james keenan (the singer) was high on lsd and other psych drugs while writing the lyrics?
  6. Lateralus. Always a great one, always amazes.

    Puscifer's song Horzions. Makes me feel a certain way everytime.

    New A Perfect Circle album is out.

    And yeah, like CBD Burner mentioned, new Tool album soon, for really real, there's leaks on youtube I think
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    Can't wait!
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  8. The noose by a perfect circle is centered around drug use and justifing it

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