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  1. What do you blades think about Tool?
  2. They are in my top 10.
  3. Saw them live at a festival one year, they were loud as hell. I am going to see Puscifer this summer though! :D
  4. what i know, is that they need to make another album.
  5. tool is amazing i've seen them four times now!
  6. fuck trolls, they can suck on my huge balls and lick my asshole.
  7. you're a tool.
  8. youre a towel.
  9. I like them, used to listen to them a lot more but I got kind of bored of them. They don't have a bad album so I'm excited for the new one (whenever Maynard decides to stop being a retard and do the vocals so they can release it).
  10. mmhm. is a perfect circle his only other project or involvement?

  11. and puscifer..
  12. like pussy + lucifer? how do you even pronounce that?
  13. Puscifer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia <--- has the correct way to say it at the beginning of the article. personally I just couldn't get into it, but to be fair I didn't give it much of a chance.. just wasn't impressed with "v is for vagina"

    also - it's not music related but he owns his own vineyard.
  14. wierd that its in arizona tho. must be some el nino shit goin on out there.
  15. I've been down with tool since 9th grade. I've listened to them the longest.

  16. hopefully you're out of high school by now.

    I wish I had discovered TOOL when I was in high school, they're a lot better then some of the other stuff I was listening to at the time :) i was like 20 when I first realllly listened to em. lol

    btw, I like the username simplyblunted. I wish we could change our usernames, I frickin' hate my name on here.
  17. Lol I graduated in 2004 ;) im a n old fart :laughing:
  18. I mainly listen to hip-hop, but when it comes to rock, tool is my favorite band, closely followed by Led Zeppelin. :D I wish they had a twitter or something to inform the fans when they will release the next album. One of my buddies is a hardcore fan and he said there is supposed to be an album this year. Not sure how he got this information...but we'll see.

    Also, Tool is amazing to listen to in the bedroom. Along with Deftones. Especially Passenger by Deftones featuring Maynard.

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