took some pics of my grow tonight..need some input

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  1. after my first grow going terribly wrong i decided to dump the first batch and try again
    i started germinating this batch on the 3rd of this month and it's starting to look promising..all I've been doing is checking the ph (started w/ pathmark bottled water) daily and that's about question is when do i start to put in nutes? also i posted a picture of the nutes that came along with this grow you guys recommend this for my grow or should i go with something else? can anyone give me a timeline of the ppm i should be reaching for weekly?

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  2. Might want to move those lights closer. Looks like your getting/gonna get stretching as it reaches for the light. I would start a low dosage of nuts now, about 200ppm. No clue on those nutrients, I'd get something more widely used. General hydro using Lucas formula is a good starting point, using that on my next grow myself.
  3. I would wait 2 weeks to a month before adding nutrients i believe this is standard practice for most growers who dont want to kill there small plants.
  4. Looks like u payed quite a bit for that growbox eh...

    What r u growing?
    I second moving the lights closer, your sprouts are looking scragly and stretching. I would use nutes after the second week. I wouldn't wait a month tho, you could flower after a month
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    indeed i paid alot (as a college student who went back to school full-time) for this setup aka pc grow box..I honestly have no idea what strain i'm growing as my cousin gave me a bunch of different seeds to experiment with (he only smokes high grade stuff ie. sour diesels and jack herers here in nyc) so i'm hoping it's atleast decent quality

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