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  1. Ended up taking some lower branches from a couple of plants and now have 9 cuttings of 3 different strains i want to try to clone. I snapped 3 aloe leafs off my plant and mixed the gooey stuff in about half a solo cup of water. I read to let that soak for 12-24 hours and plant right into whatever medium i will be growing in(promixhp+ewc)
    Can i expect to be successful here in rooting these cuttings?
    Should i have done anything different?
    They are sitting on the floor of veg tent getting minimal light right now.
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  2. Ummmm....YOU SIR were not spoken very highly of........
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  3. Uh, oh....
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  4. Way lost. Going to go with 'they should root' because thats what im hoping lol
  5. Any way that I would try to clone (and there are several), I would dip my stems in Clonex rooting gel.
    I’ve had good luck with that and peat cubes.
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  6. I have never cloned before and am trying to use fresh aloe gel from an aloe plant as a dip instead of clonex. If this doesnt work I have read clonex is very good will probably try that next. Planning on planting directly into some moist promixHP in solo cups
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    I just used some, this morning, on a Kalanchoe... that already had roots!
    I look at it as chicken soup; it can't hurt.
    G'luck, Mate!
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  8. First attempt was no good. Clones wilted within half a day and pretty much died soon after. Dont know what i did wrong but I am trying again a little different this time.
    Took 10 cuts about 8 inches long, all from the bottom 1/3 of the plant. Sliced overtop a node on a 45 degree angle.
    Used jiffy pellets in water i blended with a fresh aloe leaf, soaked for 15 minutes. Plunged cuts right into the middle of another aloe leaf about 20-25 times, made sure i got a lot of gel on the stem and a little bit in the hole of the peat pellet and planted.
    Dont have an actual clone dome so i just used a clear rubbermaid bin that was big enough. I have a very low wattage led sitting on top of the bin to offer light. The humidity is at 80% temp at 26 after 24 hours. And they are still standing strong. So its already better than last try. 20190907_222152.jpg
  9. Day 4 and clones still standing. Giving a light misting of fresh aloe water daily while letting some fresh air in the dome. Have confidence they will root. Taking another bunch of cuttings tonight to clone hopefully close to 24 more in jiffys. Resized_20190910_150814.jpg
  10. Aloe is a great method of cloning, I have great success with that and even cinnamon :O

    It's important to cut on that 45, give that cut a few straight cuts then roll your stem in whatever your using as a rooting formula or whatever. Then give them humidity and love, that's the best you can do I think.

    Stay strong little ladies, hope you get to live a full life.
  11. Cuts longways towards the end of the stem?
  12. And thank you for the comment, much appreciated
  13. Like, when you cut on a 45 just put a few slits straight up and down. That's how I was taught by our grandfathers generation.
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  14. Ok cool i can picture it. Ill try it out. How far up would you say i cut? whatever will be in the jiffy?
  15. Just a little slit, nothing big. The idea is to turn your 45 from 1 solid stem into 2/3 via that cut. So no need to go up to far.

    It's to promote the best development and potential chance of survival. 45 / cuts / rooting formula / wait and hope for the best.
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  16. Thanks again for the suggestion. Just took 32 cuts lol takin some dabs and sinkin these suckers in some pellets once theyre soaked up.
  17. Ended up keeping 24 to clone. All cut up and stuck. 20190911_232217.jpg 20190911_232225.jpg
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  18. Update: its been 7 days since 2nd attempt at clones. Out of 10 i had - 1 die, 5 wilt horribly(but when i pulled the cuttings 3 had roots, 2 were duds)and 3 of them are still standing strong with no signs of roots yet. Buttt I had one Fat Banana cutting that rooted! I planted it into a 1 gallon fabric pot. Mann this is exciting. As of right now i have a 5% success rate ha. The third round of clones i took which is 24 cuttings are all standing strong still no signs of wilting but its only been 3 days for them. 20190915_140007.jpg 20190915_132619.jpg
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  19. Update: 7 days since 3rd round of clones (24 cuts) and have 6 rooted so far. Planted them in solo cups for now will transplant out in a week or so. The one fat banana clone from the 2nd round is doing great.
    Overall 3rd round is amazing. No wilting 7 days in and 6/24 rooted already, going for 100%!

    1st pic - new plants
    2nd pic - to be rooted
    3rd pic - fat banana clone 20190919_202002.jpg 20190919_202012.jpg 20190919_202007.jpg
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