Took my friends weed virginity (pic)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bubble Kushh, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Today was a pretty good day for one of my friends. I tried getting him high once before but he has never smoked a thing in his life so he didn't really inhale except one he choked on and got a decent hit off of my schwag. So he said he felt a little different. But now he was interested in this amazing plant at least.

    So today I hang out with im again and I brought my .3g gram "stash" as well as my pipe. I guess he was reading about weed quite a bit since last time he tried to get high. And he was pretty curious about a bong, but all we had was my pipe. So me, being a member here for a little bit of time I read alot about homemades. We couldnt find a good bowl so I used some creativity and came up with this...


    Well lets say this time he got some pretty good hits...yeah he was fuckin baked lol. It was great... I made sure he had a great first time by having him listen to some music, chill out on the couch, watch a good movie, Pineapple Express, and eat some good stoner food. Now he says he thinks it felt weird but it was really good. He really wants to keep smoking now. Im guessing he's gonna make an account here after Im done writing this. Its cool that we got another stoner in the making. Peace guys.
  2. ha i came here thinking i was going to read a story about some guy taking his friend's and weed and virginity
  3. Haha lol he that was me... I was all up for it till we were about to light but i pushed my way threw. The first one was nice, not too rough, but the 2nd one tingled my throat pretty bad, and on the third I forgot to pull my finger off the carb so we figured it was enough. Everything tastes good and I'm really tingly everywhere. It's kinda scary but awesome... This movie is awesome!!!:devious:
  4. its always fun introducing someone to weed huh?
    Just curious. where abouts in the 320 are you guys at?
  5.'ed you.
  6. i LOVE poppin peoples cherries. I had a cig, smoked (shared) a joint,and downed a beer (all my firsts) in one night. Didn't get drunk or high, jus a nice buzz from the cig lol :D.

    My friends had a good time watchin me do all of it.
  7. is that a chillum taped to a bottle?? :confused:
  8. Sure is! Hit pretty good too lol.
  9. When i first started smoking i used to smoke out of a bent soda i used to get ripped off it
  10. Back when I was in high school my retard mother would make me take an apple to school everyday. Am I supposed to eat this shit? How about I make a piece out of it.
  11. Man apples are dank.
    Gala, Granny Smith, Honey Crisp, McIntosh, Northern Spy, and especially Shamrocks.

    Mmm mm..
  12. i see have our local apple connoisseur lol.

    and i totally believed what i quoted lol
  13. Lol you guys are weird... never used an apple yet though. Imagine it would work good.

  14. I smoke out of the apple, then eat it. Apples are the shit man!
  15. Ick! Wouldnt it taste like bong water?
  16. Depends on how much you smoked out of it. Worst part is it gets mushy around the smoke passages.
  17. Ugh yeah I hate mushy apples. Crispy ones for me.
  18. Yeah that sounds nasty. After we were done with the bong it smelt like shit. I can't imagine a eating a soggy apple tasting like that...
  19. Word. My thumb is like my cack.
  20. Smoking with som1 new is always fun cause you never kno whats going 2 friend smoked up 4 the first time and he was like stumbling around the room barely able to stand straight....laughing nonstop....and im watching this.....i smoke that much bud everyday and im sitting there high but i could walk into a store and get munchies.... this kid would of ran into the store laughing knocking things down ....trip in the middle of the store bust his ass..... laugh at himself....go 2 the counter of the store and laugh so hard that he gets spit on the paki behind the counter... who kicks him out after he tries to pay for the items with dorrritoes he took from the store

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