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Took drug test with WHizz kit

Discussion in 'General' started by KushKlassic, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Hi, I recently took a drug screen today for a staffing agency. I heard they are really good at finding people jobs so I wanted to pass the drug screen. I ordered the "Whizz Kit" from this website Lifestyle Products <-- It comes literally ready to use with the synthetic urine already in the bag. I kept it in the box until the today when I had the test, I took it out and slapped on the heat pad and it stayed ad a FIRM 98-100 degrees until I took the test. I went in the bathroom and "peed" into the cup and the temp was perfect.

    My question is... I have been hearing about synthetic pee not having uric acid in it. However I heard this was only happening in oregon and Hawaii. I live in Ohio.

    My next question is has anyone ever used "Golden shower" Synthetic pee before? I am assuming this is the synthetic urine that came pre-made in the whizz kit since it is the urine they sell for refills. I am curious as to how this urine worked for anyone else..

    I have read countless forums about quick fix working and whizzinator working so I am assuming I am ok. But a second opinion never hurts..;)
  2. We have that down here, and it did work for a few friend's who used it.
  3. Yah worked for me, rubber banned it to my thigh. Best method in imo.
  4. thanks guys! Like I said I was about 95% I will pass, but i just wanted to hear it from someone who has used a whizz kit/whizzinator or golden shower urine..thanks again
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    the temp had me sketching a bit, might of been because I went buzzed but I microwaved it first, then strapped the heating pad on to keep the temp the same... well i ended up having to blow on it and shit to cool it off. The little temp gauge on it wasn't reading. Forgot the brand but i'm sure they work all the same.

    edit... ok so I looked those 2 brands up and it definitely wasn't one of them.
  6. the temp was no problem at all..all i did was use the heating pad and put it up against my body and it stayed at 100 degrees..
  7. Just wanted to say thanks guys just grabbed one and was still nervous if it actually works
  8. I say just put some clean piss in it.
  9. took a test with the whizz kit yesterday, i find out results tomorrow... the temp was fine for me, just waiting on the results
  10. i cant even get to the point where i get asked to take a piss test......fml
  11. I've used Quickfx and so has my GF. Worked for both of us.

    I recently used Magnum sythetic urine and it also worked. I overheated it a bit but all worked well.

  12. itll turn around, trust me, i was in ur position about 4 days ago... hope the best for u
  13. i've been in this position for about 4-5 years. i apply for jobs weekly(not daily i get discouraged) and not a damn thing. even if i call them a million times i cant get an interview. i swear it's because i refuse to learn spanish nor do i have a pair of tits.
  14. sucks man, just got the news i passed my test......where u from, rural or urban area
  15. I have a important question. I got the whizz kit a few days ago as backup. I tried to get clean, stopped smoking for 3 weeks, I ate less fatty foods, I ran about 5 miles give or take every day or two, and my piss is still dirty. So now I need to use this whizz kit cause I got offered a job, and I need to take a drug test. So my question is since I've taken drug tests before, I know a lot of times they make you wait. So if I have a heat pack on it will it get too hot? Thanks
  16. on the ones I have used the heat pads only maintains the temp.. I don't think you will have a problem with it heating up..;)
  17. I've been doing some research. I read that you should use the heat pads to get the synthetic urine to the right temp 92-100 degrees and then strap on the whizz kit without the heat pads and your body heat will maintain the correct temp. Will this work? Thanks.
  18. I would not recommend that. I have used the whizz kit before when i took a pre-employment drug test and I used the heat pads. You can't rely on your body temp to keep the "piss" warm. I tried doing it without the heat pads and the temperature reader said that i was in the high 80's-low 90's. Let it be known that if your piss is under 90 or over 100 you will fail. When I had the heat pack on, the temp was in the strong mid 90's range and I passed. Don't take the heat pads for granted. Temperature is a huge key factor when using another urine sample to pass.
  19. Keep the heat pads on....worked fine for me....if it ain't broke.....
  20. I actually suggest physically going in instead of calling (when it's slow, bonus points if you can track down when the manager is in the shop and go then). Calling a job, especially a restaurant is the worst thing you can do. It's highly inconvenient for the people working there, and it comes off as lazy.

    If you call to check on an app where I work, you'll never be considered for the job.

    And learning Spanish may not be a bad idea. Why do you refuse? It'll give you a big leg up in a career. You may be interested to know that the United States doesn't actually have a national language. It's not in the Constitution and it's never been legally declared to be English. It's actually quite fascinating.

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