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Took drug test monday

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by justblowingsmoke, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Took test Monday around 8pm, so I assume the lab wouldn't test it til Tuesday. If I was positive, would the MRO have contacted me by now (saturday)?
  2. No news is good news.

    Funny how they test or weed but dont care about the hard stuff...out of ur system in 3 days so theyre obv not to concerned.

    What an illusionary world we are in

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  3. It's definitely unfair. But it is what it is and I'm freaking. Never had to worry before always quit months in advance. This time I was 27 days clean.
  4. This is why I quit truck driving and have recently moved to landscaping. I'm in Canada where it's legal now, and I'm still lumped in with the coke and meth heads.

    "Oh you can't find good drivers now.....jeez I wonder why, dipshits"

    I was in the oil patch making real good money, but seeing the insane taxes removed from my checks, with a government that clearly doesn't give a shit about the people that live here, combined again with being treated the same as junkies and I said "screw this". The morning after I decided to never drive truck again, I applied for my medical license and started looking for a new line of work.

    Another funny thing is that since legalization, the number of companies testing for drugs has skyrocketed. One place around here wants to piss test for a cashier job. It's so stupid up here. It's like the wild west in some ways, locked down in others (seeds are now illegal if not government approved, where as before legalization, they could be owned as novelty or souvenirs from anywhere in the world)

    The whole legalization monster up here is a mess.

    @justblowingsmoke you should be ok around 27 days. If you are healthy, not obese, have a decent metabolism, you should be good.
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  5. what he said ^. the more time that goes by , the less likely it is that you failed (or if you did fail, that they give a shit. happens more often than you'd think). the danger zone is really within the first 48 hours. After that it gets exceedingly unlikely you failed.
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  6. @j0hn0x well it is for a job with the school district so I am sure they care lol but thank you for your response! Trying to calm down.
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  7. gotcha. believe me i know the feeling. feels like your whole life is riding on these stupid tests. but you should feel pretty confident at this point. if i were a betting man (and i am), my money would definitely be on 'you passed' even after about 3 days. let alone a week.
  8. make sure to update when you know what happened. (ie when you find out for sure you passed)
  9. @j0hn0x I passed and am clear to start! whew, most nerve wracking days of my life.
  10. i knew u would. they would've contacted you WAY before that. Congrats brosef!!!
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  11. Glad you passed. The waiting really sucks. I flunked one years ago at 28 days! I think it also depends if you're a daily smoker or a light one.
  12. I was smoking everyday and I'm a girl so more fat or whatever. I dunno. Just so thankful that I passed!
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  13. oh. my bad. congrats...not brosef...sis....sef? theres no cool sounding equivalent for girls. you are just going to have to be brosef.

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