took clones of every shrub, tree, an other wild varieties. Rooting cuttings for fun

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    Hi, im currently trying to root dwarf pomegranate, oleander, hibiscus, pecan, oak, thornless mulberry, chiltepin pepper, catnip, dwarf lemon, rose cuttings. The pepper started rooting a little, im feeding organic nutrients. Incase I get roots, they have food. An a more healthy soil. This is a good spot to give other gardeners. Some ideas where some plants. Would grow well some pepper varieties wilt quickly. If it's not a certain spot. I got some cuttings to grow a new bud. It's pretty fun rooting something new. I rooted a mulberry cut one time. What are some of your experiences, or little projects y'all got going? Had 1 pepper cutting take root out of 5. At first I didn't have my cuttings in enough shade. An experienced sun burn. An wasn't keeping it moist enough constantly. The pepper plants are from clones next to the cuttings. The cuttings I have are three pots, rest are peppers.
  2. While working in a hydro shop, we managed to root peach cuttings. It took months.

    Good luck and thanks for the share.
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  3. I think I failed at peach one time, but it takes time some plants. Hydroponics is easy, but dirt is a challenge. At first when I started taking cuttings. I didn't know it needs to be in a shady spot. I thought the spot had enough shade. It was pretty shady all day, but not enough.
  4. Keep posting on this please. Really interesting.

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