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Took a 6 month tolerance break, now I cant get high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by motoxer, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. I was a everyday smoker up until April, when I decided its in my best interest to quit for the summer. Fast forward to now I have smoked a few times, about 5, and only got high one of those times. When I smoke I just get foggy and depressed, defanity not what getting high is supposed to be like. I have been eating a strict diet as I have intestinal permeability (leaky gut). I was doing really good until I smoked, it relapsed all of my symptoms which is pretty shity in itself, so when I smoke it upsets my stomach and makes me want junk food, all of which I have to avoid if I am going to cure this IP.

    I know I seems odd smoking would aggravate a stomach condition but I totally is. Me and marry are not getting along so hot right now.

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  2. Dabs.

    "Happy Early Turkey Day :D"
  3. I, too, adhere to a very strict diet, but marijuana is my friend. strange, i suggest tracing the root cause. good luck
  4. I don't understand how people "can't" get high.. 
    As  far as the stomach thing, well, I have only found mj to help. I have Crohns and it has really helped alleviate my symptoms in the past year or so. 
  5. Try some edibles. Make an oil/butter and infuse it into a dish in your diet
  6. Maybe instead of trying something stronger he should figure out the root cause.. 
  7. are you sure you remember what real bud looks like after that long?  :confused:
  8. Sounds like your blaming weed for your sugary chocolaty addiction that's mean lol

    weed does nothing but make mine feel nice when it feels like a war is going on inside

    as for not getting high off joints and things its understandable because for some reason people don't seem to be able to understand the concept of breathing so ya
    get a bong and see if that doesn't that and if it doesn't id recc staying off the harder things :p


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