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Took 2 drug tests

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by goodseasons, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Alright... so i took 2 drug tests the first 1 was about a moth ago, and it was slighly positive, and i took another one about a week ago, and it was presumptive (just found out). First off why is it still in my system i haven't smoked in like a month.... and what does presumptive mean on a drug test?
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    From what I understand, a 'presumptive' drug test only indicates whether a substance is, or is not present, and not at what levels. It's a color test which indicates that it is 'probably not' one substance, or that it 'probably is' another.

    If it was a presumptive test and that's all you've heard, then it just means they won't tell you one way or the other how much you have in your system, but instead, only that you test positive or negative.

    But if you've heard back that the results are 'presumptive for cannabis', it's a positive that they've discovered the traces of the cannabis you've used in your system. :(

    It can last in your system for up to 90 days, depending on your metabolism.. yes, that is rare unless you were an exceptionally heavy smoker, but 30 - 50 days is generally sufficient to clean your system out if you're healthy, and active, and if you've reduced or better yet, entirely eliminated your exposure to second-hand smoke.

    Yes, second hand smoke exposure, if frequent enough, is more than enough to trigger positive test results, even in people who have NEVER smoked cannabis first hand.
    When exposed to low levels, often enough, a person can test positive without ever even catching a buzz. Frequency, and quantity, are the keys.

    Frequent low exposure, can be almost as bad for drug testing purposes, as a week-long heavy smoking binge the month before.

    Just insist you have no idea why you would test positive (assuming you haven't already been caught for cannabis use, and are on probation or similar), request a re-test, and REALLY be sure you stay away from smoke and exposure... get some extra exercise, and really flush out your system.
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    But i don't get how it's still in my system... i haven't smoked for like 30 days, and i'm somewhat active. Do you think it's just cause i smoked for such a long time before that? And if the first test was slightly positive, how can it even still be in my system? I just don't understand it. Should i ask them to do a confirmation?
  4. Different tests have different sensitivities. If the first was a home test, and the second required a sample to be sent away, then the first may not have been nearly as sensitive as one that was sent off and may have required more lab work.

    Heavy smokers frequently test positive, after successfully quitting and abstaining sometimes for months at a time. :(

    In the future, if you're in any doubt and the test is serious and its results could hurt or help your future, then you should be detoxing your system properly beforehand, with exercise, water, and juices, and kits that have nothing to do with drug testing....
    And then, take a quote 'detox drink' made for passing drug tests, on the day of the test... the latter shouldn't be called a 'detox' drink, yet they are.

    Our 'detox drinks', made for the day of the test, rather than actually cleansing your system and removing chemicals, they instead create a barrier between the chemical secretions in your bladder and saliva, preventing you from actually 'eliminating' (urinating) chemical waste, or creating saliva that contains a particular chemical, until the barrier wears off.
    I suggest detoxing properly beforehand, because the less you have in your system by the time you use such a barrier device, the better and more reliable the results.

    Hope this helps :wave:
  5. Dude above just gave a pretty detailed response... that's how

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