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    Think a 17 year old girl is to young for a 20 year old year guy. cuz this cute 17 year hs chick keeps trying to make out with me, but i feel like she is to young since she is under 18. At 1st she told me she is turning 18 in a month but then found out yesterday that she doesn't turn 18 till August. Oh also she is fucking hella rich too, which could work to my advantage. I unfortunately already made out with her a couple times. But i was like 8 beers deep so i didnt really care then. what u think gc should i cut her off? or continue to mess around with her despite the age? and i'm not like for an relationship out of this at all just a girl to mess around with every once in a while
  2. If you're up for some fun, and you're well within the law, then go ahead. If you aren't clear in the eyes of the law, or don't want to, don't. Good luck.
  3. difficult difficult difficult, i don know man i think any 1 over 18 cant "legaly" date a person under 18, and will you be 21 before she turns 18? if so man thats technically a 3 year diff in age so i wouldnt doddle in that
  4. I've lived in Cali and Nev. (Currently back in Cali) Cali says it's a NO-NO. Nevada says 16 is the age of consent. You're 20? It's not that bad. If you were 17 and she was 14? Weeellll..... Close call. Hope you are happy no matter what you choose.
  5. Depends on your state laws...Let me google that for you. ;)

    California - Age of Consent
  6. well she is a little under 3 years younger than me. and yes i'm and just doing it for fun, i have no interest at all in dating her. I as i was making out with her my mind kept flashing the thought of "she is only 17" over and over again
  7. I think the fact that you have to think about it answers your questions.
  8. ^^^^^LOL that dudes pretty on point honestly 20 and my rule is 17 if shes fire....PICS! :smoke:
  9. Yeah but this brings up a question I was actually wondering about. What if the girl lies to you about her age???
  10. Wow, the age of consent in Britain is 16, I think it's right too, a girl is old enough to consent to sex if she is 16. You shouldn't have to be 18, why should the government prohibit you as a 21 year old from sleeping with a 17 year old? To me that makes no sense...there's no difference between a 21 year old having sex with a 17 year old and a 30 year old having sex with a 17 year old, if both are consenting then it makes no difference. The age of consent in America surprises me...

  11. whats this suppose to mean?
  12. It means if you have to think about it then something is obviously wrong or you believe it is wrong

  13. yup thats true but i want to see if gc thinks its sketchy too, and apparently some of you think its fine which makes me feel much better:hello:
  14. think of how prime that pussy is, fuck it 16 yrs old would be even bettttter
  15. 17 and 20.

    Does the fact that there's only 3 yrs difference make it OK for him to go for it?
  16. when i was 16 i boned a 19 year old girl. champ?
    well to help you out - follow your heart.

  17. yup exactly what i'm trying to figure:smoke: so far everyone thinks its no big deal. she is a Virgin too which will be nice:cool: when im drunk its alot more likely to happen cuz i wont care as much
  18. I think so too... I mean, it wasn't very long ago that YOU yourself was underaged, weren't you? So I guess it's alright... just as long as she's OK with it, but you said it already that she's Ok with it... so ... yeah man...

    20 yrs old dick meets 17 yrs old pussy...

    Sounds like fun... :D

  19. shes the one who wants me. I have never even made a move on her. all be talking and she tries to stick her tongue in my mouth (multiple times). on a side note high school girls use way to much tongue
  20. Hm... and I'll bet you don't kiss her back most of the times, but you kissed her back only a few times. True?

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