Too young?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Tylerj7373, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. How old is to young to be smoking the Mary-Jane? I’m 18 my self but jw

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  2. Its all dependent on the person, maturity, and if they have a additive personality or other issues ect. I have met people in my life that constantly spent all the cash on cannabis even when there other needs/wants were unmet. Cannabis can be a gateway particularly in young people. I will defer and say 18 but as I said its depending on the person.

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  3. There are at least a million answers to your question, but I'm going to give you one from the perspective of a mother of 2 sons and grandmother of 3 here. When my sons were coming up in age, my husband and I were honest with them about our smoking but I never encouraged it. I did tell them that I would always prefer they smoke than ever take a single drink of liquor. They are now 28 and 30. One smokes a little, one doesn't. But to answer your question...when you are an adult. When you can provide for yourself, have your own private space and make your own rules. Lots of people (parents) who have no experience with it or know of it's actual benefits, still think it's "devil weed" and lots of problems occur between young folks and parents over weed. No point in it. You have no business even messing with it until you have reached the point in life where you are in control of every decision made concerning you. Family is too important to chance losing trust over MJ. TWW
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  4. I live in a legal rec state.
    21's the magic number.
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  5. Under 16 is way too young to smoke weed. (Unless for medical reasons) 16 and 17 are ok, but it would be best to start after 18.
  6. i would definitely stay away from it until you have the important things in your life taken care of .. job.. car.. house..

    its a drug that can be abused... and unfortunately, there's no way to know if you will abuse it until you try it as few as once, or possibly as many as a dozen or two.

    imo it's great if you need it for medical reasons, and even occasional recreational use.. but some people abuse it and it could create issues in your life

    luckily.. the most serious issues i can think of associated with marijuana abuse are lack of motivation and short term memory loss... which aren't great, but definitely nothing life threatening.
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  7. I'm the womb
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  8. I don't think any mind altering drug, whether it be weed or alcohol, should be consumed by anyone under 21.

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