Too windy for my plants?

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  1. I just upgraded to a 4 Inch In-Line Fan - 155 CFM. Along with an ac unit and two recirculating fans and an exhaust fan, there is a alot of air movement. Is it possible for the plants to get chapped or exhausted from too much airflow? I'm finding it hard to keep the humidity up more than 40% with so much air movement.
  2. The humidity sounds fine.. I would be concerned about how much the plants kick around, great air movement should never be a problem, but the idea of moving hot air from light out which is contained and fresh air contained(dryer ducting) into the grow... now with this application air movement doesn't really move plants around(not much at least) it would be adding the desk type fan that does the main plant movement.. which helps build the stem strength.

    Truthfully I am just speaking in general because I cant see your setup., look at mine for ideas if need be and let me know what kind of setup your in. Closet I'm thinkin.
  3. I'll be able to post some pics of what I'm talking about later this evening. The room I'm working with is 6x6x9 (it's a walkin closet). And while you have some nice plants there, I'm growing bushes/trees that are 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall. I was just concerned since it's pretty windy in there.
  4. My plants are on day one, so who knows how bushy they could get... but I only was trying to let anyone reading this know that you should exhaust your light and intake from another space. Then this being done correctly has no wind on your plants really then from there you would add a fan for your chosen amount of wind to plant..(Generally) Every setup and person diffrent..

    Now with how mature your plants are it sounds as if they could take the worst you could give them unless you are damaging trichs.

    GL man and I will check your sig for setup understanding and check for pics later.. peace
  5. my sincerest appologies bro...I re-read my post and it sounded like I was dissing your plants. I wasn't. As you correctly pointed out, your younger plants would tend to be much more succeptible to a harsher environment. I'm currently doing an experiment to see if there really is a big difference in yield when my particluar strain (jack flash) is vegged for a short time or a longer time. Right now I'm amazed at the younger of the three. It has much larger colas. I think the largest plants have smaller colas since they are dividing their energy between several different bud sites. The younger one just doesn't have that many sites.
  6. Oh no worries man I didnt take it like that.. I was just adding that fact of maturity indiferrence... I have done studies on indicas hybrids and sativas, too the aspect of tying, topping, extended veg or a lessened veg. From seed, from Clone... Now I agree with your concept of more bud sites less bud at times.. (Strain deppending of course) I always have grown with a 400w so with seedlings I dont like to go more than 5 weeks soil 4 weeks hydro(veg). Less with clones of course. I use no topping methods anymore. I use no training or bonsai anymore. I just want that main cola even if trimming makes that happen. By doing this I have flowered 16 females(hybrid sativa dominent) under 1 400w(no light mover and in soil) and I yeilded far more than a pound. <---Freakin nuts( I dont even know if thats been done before?????
  7. thanks for your reply. It confirms my suspicions. I've only done clones so far. I'm amazed at the amount of bud on the one that was flowered much sooner than the others. I'm thinking with smaller plants I will need less water as well. Plus it's just hard moving around in there with huge plants. And I noticed it is better to trim away the lowest branches rather than trim out the largest fan leaves throughout the plant to increase light to the lower parts. Do you have any pics of that grow of 16 females?
  8. yeah it was a magnificint acheivment on an older site that was taken down by the FEDS... I have no pics anymore- I delete them immeadietly... Kinda sounds far fetched though so I don't know how believable it is??? But almost 1 and a half lbs about an O and a half per plant. Scrunched together In tall not wide 1 gal pots all the way through.. Now I use like 40% pearlite in soil that has no nutes- advanced nutrients - Sensi grow and bloom A & B... I would use the soil like it was a hydro system with so much oxygen too the roots.. and I never saw any suffering in the 1 gal. This was a walk in closet and bunched together very close... Nirvana seeds... Blueberry, Big Bud, and Chrystal.. Some recomendations(chrystal was insane.)
  9. I think I just Hijacked this thread so I do apologize. I do not mean to boast and this was just an experience. I Am not allowed to grow with that many numbers any more so I will be looking into achieving good results on a first DWC run and learn a better way with Six. might need to veg a little longer???? We'll See
  10. Yea, I like the idea of only having a few plants at any one time. You should definately try it first with a shorter veg as an experiment. Same strains?
  11. Now- 3 purple kush, 1 Blue berry(dj short), 2 Sensi Star. I dont think one of the stars is going to live, drooping really bad, and leaves currling at all points and sides of the leafs. I will most likely dump the two worst looking Purples because I got them from a friend that has this in flower now. And it is just sooooo small.(vegged a month and a half from clone and is less than a foot tall) But there are a million internodes so it will be so compact and tight(mold chance) and maybe buy three new clones and strains..

    I used seeds back in the day and would flower usually two strains at a time.. Dont use nirvana any more but always had 80% female ratios with them and very uniform plants
  12. So here's those pics I promised:


  13. Having a lot of air blowing on your MJ plants is actually beneficial. When you make it windy in your grow-room, is most closely mimics outdoor conditions.

    It will make your stems & branches thick & strong. It causes microscopic tears in the stem & forces it to rebuild stronger, not unlike a human muscle.

    A lot of air movement also creates a sort of micro environment around each leaf, making the exchange between O2 & Co2 more productive, resulting in better growth.
  14. Wow nice setup.. Kinda what I was going for but with wood.. ha
    Your plants are big enough to take all the wind.. with something that is so young I wouldn't over do it of course and same with late flower. because of damaged trichs

    I think you have the same ballast and idea of setup I do.. Is your inline fan fully secured to the duct??

    Cool grow. I love the tomato cages.. that is something I have always wanted to try outdoors cause you can barely tell what kinda plants they are
  15. That's exactly right.

    Think about it, if a plant normally developed flowers so huge that its stems would break and the plant would fall over under its own weight that wouldn't help it reproduce. Indoor growers have trouble where the outdoor growers don't (typically) because our plants are so pampered they don't feel the need to grow huge tree trunks. They only need stems big enough to supply nutrients.

    All that blowing air tells the plant "hey, you're in a windy spot, if you don't grow stronger you're gonna get creamed in the first storm".

    Like CM said, same as our muscles. The more stress they're put under the stronger they become as a result (to a point).
  16. Sorry about the blurry cellphone pics. But good eyes phishhead420, I didn't really secure that intake duct since it won't be there for long. As soon as I get more ducting I'm going to run it to the a/c unit so the light gets cooler air.

    I have a squirrel fan that I'm not using. How would you suggest I incorporate it? I'm pretty lucky that my grow doesn't really smell so I don't need any type of carbon filter. BTW I just picked up some botanicare silica blast today and added it to my plants. Boy these plants are going to be strong!
  17. I wouldnt stress getting your big fan in there. either get a small one or dont use one(unless your temps suffer or tops burn of course.. but you shouldn't need to stress the plants limb strength.. You have bushes and they will not tip or droop they are more than strong... let them focus on the nugz
  18. Why are you telling him not to use a fan?

    A fan provides crucial air movement, & aids in growing robust & hearty plants. Having a fan blowing on the plants does not stress them out in any fashion. What do you think MJ in the wild deals with on a daily basis?

    The idea is to mimic as closely as possible, outdoor growing conditions.

    I have seen firsthand buds snapping under their own weight, & not being able to finish the flowering cycle.

    Please do not post erroneous info....
  19. You definitely gotta have a fan. Not only do your plants need freshly circulated air just to be healthy, you gotta move them with the air to make them strong. No amount of silica and bushiness is going to be enough unless you get crappy buds. They just won't get strong enough without the movement to tell them they need to get stronger.

    The plant isn't gonna spend energy growing stuff it doesn't need. If it thinks there's no wind where its growing it isn't gonna build the strength it needs to weather a storm.
  20. I sometimes wonder if were overthinking this whole thing?

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