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  1. So I was at the gas station with a friend a while ago and as soon as I step in a cop walks in. I was like "shit, he's gonna smell me" because we'd smoked earlier, but he just went straight to the bathroom.

    The entrance is set up so one door is to enter, one is to exit. I enter through the enter door, pay for my gas and start to head out. I push on the exit door. Won't open. I start banging on the door, thinking I was locked in for some reason and I freak out a little. I hear a voice from behind me. "other side". It was the cop. I mumbled something and start to go through the enter door, but there's no handle. I hear the cop scoff and out he goes, right through the exit door.

    Turns out I was pushing the wrong side of the door (the closest to the hinge). Stupid stoned moment. The cop must have thought I was retarded because I couldn't operate a simple door.
  2. you silly goose. glad he didnt kill your buzz by stopping you man.
  3. Lmao that happend to me once (minus the cop part) I was at my local wawa getting muchy food so I go to push on the door when it's a pull door. So I was stuck there for 30 seconds pushing it and thinking the door was locked so I tried the other one and same thing. So then one of my buddies behind me says "uhh dude, pull the door". And to my astonishment it opened. I felt like a jackass...
  4. LOL! Reminds me 'bout the time my homie and I were blazin' in a park. My buddy went to get some doobs from a guy we knew that lived across the street. I had my back turned to the guys house, so when I heard footsteps coming up behind me, I assumed it was my homie. I turned around and, unfortunately without looking, held out a fat joint and said "hit this shit, bitch!" It wasn't my friend, but the damn bacon, son!

    I just sat there, lookin' at 'im. It was weird as shit. He just shook his head and kept walkin', cuz this is Canada, bitch! Bacon don't hardly care 'bout weed, man!
  5. sounds like its time to move to Canada. Woulda been funny if the cop was like "thanks bro" and hit that.
  6. Hahahahaha!

    I've thought about becoming a cop, just so I could be the coolest stoner cop ever. I'd be like a superhero! I'd let stoners go, but I'd probably fuck with them first. Not mean fucking, though.

    Hilarious fucking.
  7. lol i love you

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