Too stoned, too stupid!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TokerKing, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. One day before school my buddy and I went to his place and smoked some bomb ass shit. It was some kind bud, I had a 1/4oz. with me and we smoked about an 1/8 of it. My intentions was to leave the rest at his place until after school that day. Stupid me ended up forgetting about the rest in my pocket, and didn't realize it till we got to school. We were walking around having a good ol' time when we got stopped by the principal, he knew something was up so he took us into his office and told us to empty our pockets. I told him that he couldn't search me because I didn't feel comftable with it, so he called a police officer to come and search us. He came and searched us and found that 1/8 of kind bud on me.....resultings of my buddy and I getting expelled. But the charges from the cop shop were dropped.
  2. Ahhhh, that sucks! Words cannot describe how much that sucks. Losing weed, a run-in with the cops, GETTING EXPELLED, having your parents find out (I assume they did)... Sounds like you pitched a perfect no-hitter that day, huh? Well, at least the charges were dropped. I myself have never been caught by the cops (knock on wood), but I can only imagine what that's like.
    Nice try saying you weren't comfortable getting searched, though. Often-times that'll work, because to call in the cops the principal would have to examine more closely WHAt he's actually busting you for. It didn't work, but it was the best you could've done, short of acting like you were gonna throw up as soon as he said he was gonna call the cops, running to the bathroom before he could stop you, and flushing the weed. It would've been hella suspicious, but you could've just told him that when he mentioned cops you started feeling really scared and got sick. Then say that you'll do what he wants (crying would really help) and empty your pockets.

    It's too late to play coulda-woulda-shoulda, but you really did your best. Sometimes there's just no stopping that kind of thing.

    Keep smoking.
  3. Those words are too true just keep it in the corner gettin' high, I like that.

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