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Too stoned to sleep

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Faded Spinner, Oct 21, 2002.

  1. Some peeps need weed to sleep. I agree that it help's, but when I get REALLY high it become's difficult to goto sleep. The other day I blazed some sticky chronic and when I got home and went to bed it became difficult to goto sleep right away (and it was already an hour past blazing). I just closed my eyes and waited to goto sleep, instead my mind kept racing and I had a good body high so I kept turning and stuff.

    I got a friend that crashes every damn time he blazes at night. The higher he get's the faster he goes to bed. Two extremes, which one do you belong to? Anybody know what causes this difference? The only thing I noticed is that peeps who goto bed easily are less paranoid than the ones that take a while to goto bed.
  2. I can never get to sleep if I have a big blaze session. One or two bowls and I'm fine, anymore and I might have to attend a grasscity I.A. meeting!!
  3. I almost never have trouble going to sleep when i'm stoned. Sometimes if i get really high i just don't want to sleep, but if i need to wake up soon i can shut my eyes and hit some zzzzzzz's
  4. when i blaze i can always go to sleep, but i have the craziest dreams ever
  5. sometime i can push the limit right before sleep and when i do, dreams of all kinds seem to follow but i'm not really dreaming cause i don't feel like i'm actually achieving sleep. this can go on forever but the thoughts and images can feel any more real. its trippy but difficult to acheive my real goal... SLEEP!
  6. lol, like I jjust posted in the headache thread..tylenol pm works great if you need to get that sleep.
  7. Well, I'm about to find out with a few bowls of some hydro outta my ice bong...

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