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Too Stoned From Cold Tincture

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by LaPuntica, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. The weirdest thing has happened to me yesterday.

    I have this tincture which I have stored for about 5-6 months, and which I made using the cold extraction methid. In other words, I did not preheat the plant prior to storing in the alcohol.

    From time to time, I take a small spoonful of the alcohol whenever I have some pain or stress, but never really gets me high. When I want to get high or get better with a bad cold, I take some leaves and I make myself some Bhang.

    This is all fine, since I know that heat activates the THC from THCA.


    Today I decided to eat the leaves from the cold tincture, mixing them in a power health drink:

    Yogourt with Probiotics (to improve my immune system)
    Curcumin (for neurogenesis and antioxidant effect)
    Honey and Cinammon (various health benefits when combined).

    I mixed all this together with the chopped leaves extracted from the tincture, only a teaspoon, very small amount.

    I expected to be mellow and to treat the inflamation of my rotator cuff tear. After all, I was simply digesting THCA and CBDA, right?


    I was stoned for 12 straight hours since having the magic potion. It's actually one of the best highs I've gotten in my life, really relaxed, really spiritual, and best of all, did not feel sleepy or laggard.

    How come has this happened? I wasn't expecting this from eating the leaves, especially since everytime I have had a spoonfull of the tincture with no leaves, I only get the mellowing effect with no high.

    What could have happened? Did any of the ingredients in the drink release the THC, even though the yogourt was pretty cold?

    I'm all perplexed by this unexpected effect, but do not regret it. In fact, I like the fact that I do not have to heat the milk and make bhang. I can just mix some leaves from the tincture and eat them together with the other ingredients.

    For those wondering, I did not discard the leaves as per the usual instructions after a few days, since I believe that the medicinal properties of the plant remain in the leaves, terpenes, oils and all.

    I actually like the fact that one can store weed in alcohol for a long time with virtually no degradation, as alcohol is one of the best food preservers out there.

    I live in Colombia, so I get some really good stuff pretty cheap, but my main goal by making the tincture was for its medicinal properties. I haven't smoked in years. I have also made some Canna oil with coconut oil which I gave to my mom for her headaches. I know the difference between cold or hot extraction methods.

    But the mystery remains, I wasn't expecting to get high from eating raw leaves in a very small amount in a cold drink. Today has been an incredible ride, in fact I woke up feeling a little high still, and I never felt like this smoking or drinking Bhang.

    One theory I read is that perhaps by heating the plant much of the THC actually converts into CBN. By leaving the plant untouched, the THCA is converted into THC during the diggestion process.

    Another myth I debunked is that you waste weed with this method. You actually save money, since the amount of leaves I ate today was the equivalent to half a joint.

    The reason I made the power drink is that I have been investigating foods that can prevent and cure cancer, while fostering neurogenesis. My body seemed to take really well the combination, I haven't felt this good in years. It was the perfect complement to a good run I had in the morning. You know that excercise is another key factor in adult neurogenesis and cancer prevention.

    The only thing that I forgot to add to the drink was lax seeds, for their omega 3 values, but I ate them afterwards. I just had an ant die from cancer and I am determined to consume the best the world has to offer as a defense mechanism. I live a pretty decent lifestyle today (after years of bing drinking, etc).

    But I really would love to hear from the chemists out there, and see if anyone is willing to repeat the experiment. I have two litters of this tincture, enough to last me 3 years!

    Unreal. This is an incredible plant that God put into our use, though I warn you all, it's highly addictive. The fact that you can consume oil or tinctures with no detection, gives you ample space to abuse the system. No one knows you get hooked on the stuff except yourself. Weed is highly addictive contrary to popular belief, the psychological dependence is very strong with this plant.
    I read today that curcumin may be a potentiator, and judging by my reaction, it truly is a strong suspect.
  2. The process of converting THCA to THC is called decarboxylation, and besides via heat it also occurs naturally over time.
    Apparently even when the material is submerged in alcohol. The longer you store it more THCA will be converted to THC.
  3. I think you are right, though it was an incredible experience, not in the normal sense. From what I gather and have been able to read today, curcumin is a great cannabis potentiator. It really takes the experience to a whole new dimension of healing and wellness.
    I can't wait to try it on my mom, who is obesse, frequently depressed and affected by all sorts of ailments. Luckily, she's letting me drive a new form of cure not analog to the traditional pills and antibiotics she used to take. I really hope this has a positive effect on her, she needs mind, body and spiritual healing.
    What I felt with the cannabis curcumin combination is that the ingredients work really well on the mind, from which both the body and the spirit will feed. I never understood that concept until today during mass.
    Cure the mind, the body and the spirit will follow. The mind is the greates gift to humankind, it's what differentiates us from all other creatures.
    Unlike the past, I no longer take MJ as a recreational drug. It is sort of becoming a spiritual window to me now, and this only happens with digestion.
  4. 5-6 months of storage is a long time for bud.
    Bud that has been stored in jars for around that time with opening of the jar for air here and there will be way more potent then fresh bud that has been picked and cured for a few weeks.
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    Most of the old room-temp to cold methods of making tincture that slip the pre-decarb and don't rely on heat after beginning, usually do take several months to become fully active, and not only that, but fully bioavailable, that is unless you have an industrial/sub-zero freezer you're using for a week or two depending on the volume you're freezing (ie. a freezer capable of reaching temps much colder than the average home freezer, like those used for deep freezing and producing sushi-grade seafood at the appropriate regulated temperatures). Gradually over time, your potency appears to increase as the material becomes active, and more easily absorbed by your body. Curcumin also depletes and inhibits some liver enzyme activity, which could have enabled more active cannabinoids than you're used to consuming to enter your system, particularly if you're one of the rare folks with an over-active liver metabolism.
    Either way, sounds like your tincture's finally ready! :yay:

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