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Too stoned for too long

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. .Well I've been too stoned for too long.

    The ways that I know..

    Can't type with out rereading and retyping for minutes because of typo's.

    I hit return instead of submit after spending 3-5 minutes on some post..

    I don't reply at all to threads and then look for my reply that I thought I made.

    I forget what I was supposed to remember.

    I get lost with out moving.

    I was there but can't find me.

    I come here but cannot leave..

    Damn what was the utters????//

    I'll be back after this short break from Grasscity..

    Grasscity has the best bongs, spoons, pipes, papers and all that other smoking stuff we need for pot..

    now back to that stoned hillbilly that can't find his way home..
  2. lol

    ur the greatest budhead :p
  3. I like it when you think you are too stoned. You become instant entertainment and I LOVE being entertained!!!

    Thank you for your stonedness.

    Anyway, you have to be too stoned, if you aren't then that means you're not smoking bowls for my unhigh ass and I know that you don't want to get in trouble so you have to stay too stoned a little longer. OK?
  4. Well I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just found out that I can't finish replies before I submit because I'm afraid that I'll forget to submit...

    And one more thing..............................................

    I'm in love with none other thaan..................................

    The gr ass city memvbers.. Not in a nasty way thou.

    Fuck thy spelling dumnit!
  5. When the hell did ya'll repli??????/

    I thought thast I hadn't sent yet.. well submittds
  6. Munchits as a elefant on a diets.

    That has beens on adiet!
  7. hahaha. thy worthy Bud Head, thou hast smokedest thyself to Stonyness. cherish thy high whilst it lasts among the heavens. peace. teehee

    mad funny mayne
  8. Come back a stay a while I'll bees here all week.

    I need a spill check.

  9. i thought you had a dog

  10. I tnk i ment spell ck!
  11. well i will give it my best shot, here it goes: c-e-e-k-a-y
  12. Are you following me? What is the purpose of you visit.

    Did you come from kansas with toto? what did you do with him?
  13. really are fucked up!!!!
  14. Not so fucked up..

    enlightened or lighted or whaat ever iss it.

  15. i sent him home on the broom stick, i no longer neede it since you are so easy to follow
  16. With the which no dout.

    I liked the lille pooches too.
  17. which witch?
  18. Where for art thou my toto?????

    Wicked witched
  19. well the witch makes a mean kung-pow "chicken"
  20. i don't think anyone is in any danger...'cept maybe toto

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