Too soon to Flower?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ayee_M, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. I Have about 2ft between plants n light I can igher light about 2 more ft. Should I flower now or wait longer? ( I have 4 younglings about a month behind. Was thinking of waiting till they were rdy n flower all at once or should I flower now n put the younglings in a seperate room.
  2. Those suckers have a lot of nitrogen in em, what kind of nutes you using?
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  3. 10 ml Micro 5ml Grow 5 ML bloom
    PROtekt5ML and CalMag
    Yea the last pic one has nitrogen overload from like a few days ago, never went down but does it look bad?
  4. 10 mill ? I think the most mine take is 2.5 mill that's in DWC though... and yeah personally too small to flower, I'd wait wait longer veg = bigger yield
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  5. I just fed 2day too, should I wait b4 flushing till they dry out more?
  6. Or flush in morning?
  7. No need to flush. Don't use any nutes for a while and use regular water to feed
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