Too smelly?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lemintus, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. My friend told me that growing just one plant will stink up the entire apartment and be smellable from outside an apartment with a plant growing. is this true? I really want to do a grow box 1 plant grow.
  2. Yes and no. All depending on strain and your apt. Like my apt buildings are sound proof and I'm pretty sure smell proof cause I've baked this place hundreds of times and never not one smell complaint, also I'm in week 5 in flower on my one plant and the worst the smell gets is right outside the room if i keep my door closed
  3. you can try to keep it contained in a small area like a closet and get some air filtration going. try to seal up the area and becareful when you open it up to check on it like have a can of air freshner standing by
  4. Well, I have 2 whitewidows, 4 weeks in veg.
    And I smell them around the area where the door is to enter the growroom, and they are not even in flowering yet!
  5. all depends on the strain.
  6. Depends on the strain you're growing, certainly, and it can also depend on the ventilation that you have. Personally, I'd be too chicken to grow in an apartment, but I know folks have done it successfully.
  7. I had one little foot tall plant as my first grow didn't Smeel too bad. Fast forward to now three almost ready to harvest plants super fucking smelly.
  8. I grow in an apt.. And its not that bad.. deffinatley cant smell it from outside unless your walls are made of paper. The whole room is deffinatley going to smell and maybe i bit near the door. Than again depends on the strain.

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