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    So, I've now harvested my first two plants, but it was certainly far from perfect and now I'm itching to make more improvements to my setup and go for a third round.

    The only thing is my growing environment has changed so I will have to get a tent rather than use a cupboard, but I also need to be stealthy.

    I've seen some tents which are 20" wide by 20" deep by 40" tall. I was wondering if that, coupled with a 300W LED (130W actual) grow light, could yield maybe 2ish ounces off a single autoflower in a 3 gallon pot?

    This would be a nifty little setup to keep reasonably hidden when needed given the space I have, but would this be too small to grow a plant to maturity? I guess not given microgrows are a thing? Would the light be too intense though? I want to move to LED from CFL, and an HPS/MH setup is not an option for me.
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  2. If you knew how to LST pretty well, you could pull off a couple plants pretty easily in that space. Just remember that the plants can grow 2x-3x in size once you go into 12/12.
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  3. Yeah it would only be 40" depth overall but I would be hanging the light as close to the top as possible. This was my main concern, that the light would be too close. My previous grow was in a similar height constraint but was using a CFL.
  4. I would just worry about keeping the LED the proper distance. So in the end of flowering you need a minimum of 12 inches over your buds. I like 18in. Taking the pot size and overhead into consideration, 40in would be tight but doable. Definitely plan it out so you're not screwed during flower stretch. Gently lst if you need to keep the plant small early on. 300w is great for a smaller area grow. I run a mars hydro 300w and use 3 gal pots as well. Good vibes

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  5. At 18 inches, that's 22 inches, that's gonna be one small at plant. Your best bet maybe get a short genetic plant, and scrog it.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
  6. Imo you could grow 2 zips from that setup but that might be costly and probably take few runs to be called efficient. I have about 4 sqft and have pulled up to six zips but it literally takes huge amounts of resources, time and eletric. Like 14amps is what it pulls.i personally always pick stealth, smell and reliability over the amount of smoke I get. If you are worried about height and burning your babies you could break the light up with netting and remove it later.

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  7. Get a little bigger tent....theres no such thing as to tall, seriously

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  8. I grow lst and scrog this grow almost got out of hand, these motherfuckers shot up fast and high, i started topping to slow it down, they just kept growing, and still are with 16 or so days left, my lights are 1/2 from the top in a 7foot ceiling......get atleast a 6 footer.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. I would have just over a foot of space for vertical growth, which seems doable seeing as my last two plants were both probably less than a foot tall thanks to LST.

    I suppose though with a much more powerful (compared to my CFL) light, they might easily overgrow the space, and the strain I'm growing says it can reach up to 3 feet tall.

    I will have to see whether I can accommodate a 2' x 2' x 4.5' tent. Thanks for the help guys.
  10. I have used a tent the exact same size an got 4oz out of it with 3 plants crammed in. I would grow indicas and scrog them. I did however use a 250w hps not led to do this. But im sure you could do 1 under it no problem.

    I went through a phase of trying to work out maximum yield for minimum foot print and the 50cmx50cmx100cm tent was the smallest i did

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