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too small blunt?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by guitardude105, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Hell yeah. I'll probably just roll a little before.

  2. son , roll .5 blunts. you dont need to over pack a rillo! lol. i usually roll 2 .4-5 L's. but my dimes are about 1.2 to 1.3 so i have a little extra to work with.
  3. Lucky yeah man i dont want too waste weed what i had was perfect and kept me toasty.

    i wish NY was more weed friendly and it wasnt so expensive
  4. yeah dimes over here are $10 bucks for .5 and you usually get .3-4
  5. dutch cigarillo > any other cigar for a blunt. I dont care what anyone says, Games suck, white owls dont have the leaf. Hell, you dont even have to tear off the end of a cigarillo, i just split it down the middle and your good to go.
  6. As people have already said, make a J or mix it with tobacco. :smoke:
  7. Roll it all into a blunt and cut it in half. Thats what I was doing when I first got to college because I didn't wanna run the risk of getting caught with a piece in the dorms. Just dawned on me, I rolled up like a G so each half blunt was a .5. It would help you out alot in the long run if you bought a spoon, I know you said moneys tight but I've seen alot of mini spoons around running for about 5$.
  8. that ruins weed insanely
  9. I just tear off some of the leaf.. I do the same thing If I have 2.0 papers

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