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Too sad to even smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kokostoner93, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. So my boy mite be going to jail. He was on probo and violated it and on top of that he stole a car when he was really drunk. He never made it far with the car but he still commited a felony. idk if the cops found out he was the one who tried to jack the car but if they do chances are i won't get to see him for a long time. I love the kid like he's my brother and it makes me depressed to know i won't get to see him for quite a while. Anyone else going through this or have been through it.
  2. One of my good friends got stuck on some harder drugs and had a lot of problems, and eventually ended up in jail for a little over a year. It sucked. Not a whole lot you can do about it once he's been arrested
  3. Being depressed or sad about something makes me not want to smoke for sure. Sorry to hear about your friend. Alcohol makes people do some funny things.
  4. ^ wrong, people make those decisions. Don't belittle alcohol.
  5. thats what happens when you drink and steal a car, i dont feel sorry for him at all for putting other peoples lives in danger.
  6. I'm sorry, but having had a vehicle stolen from me and never recovered, I totally hope they beat your friend up in the jail and then sentence him to the max. What kind of fucking asshole steals a car? He's lucky someone didn't shoot him.
  7. That's what happens when you drink and steal cars, Chances are you wont see him again.
  8. Atleast you know hes goiing away beforeheand...

    My best friend/dealer, got caught with 3 oz as he was rolling a blunt in a parkinglot. He was selling at the time, And got charged with intet to sell. He had baggies and a scale on him and 3 oz...
    He got caught bout an hour after he dropped me home.

    I called and called him for weeks, I thought he dissapeard, died, went to jail, I was scared I couldnt find him. until I found out he was in juvie. (he was 17 at the time,. I find out by getting a call, Charging my phone bill 20 bucks, and its my friend calling me from jail telling me what happened. I was just pissed. He was gone for about 8 months. Sucked bad but hes out now and doing good. This was like 4 years ago. PAyed MADDDDDD fines.
  9. Okay, people under the influence of alcohol do some funny things. Obviously I wasn't being literal and saying that alcohol by itself makes people do strange things, as if the bottle had a gun to their heads.
  10. As sad of a story that it is, it seems as though your friend made the wrong decisions. i feel you though. But i think that stealing a car is a total crime, no matter what substance you are on. Drinking and driving is totally lethal and deserves doing time in jail.
  11. Mannn! You can never be too sad to smoke! :smoking:
  12. Given that I've had a vehicle stolen, and never recovered, I'd like to just reiterate my hatred for car thieves. And again, for the record, I hope horrible things happen to your friend in jail.
  13. He deserved it. What happens if he would of drove far and hit someone?
  14. Why are you guys acting like the OP said it was wrong that he was going to jail? He just said he's bummed out that he's not going to see his friend for a while. I think we're all in agreement that getting wasted, stealing a vehicle, and proceeding to drive it is a bad idea. :p

    Sorry, I'm just getting those judgmental vibes that piss me off.
  15. too bad the guy got his car back. i'm not saying what he did was not bad or anything but it makes me fucking sad as shit to see people i care about go to jail. and alcohol does ruin peoples decison making. theres been people who shoot someone in the head while blacked out and can't remember that they did it because they drank too much.

  16. You're right. I'm just acting that way because that's how mad you get when someone steals your car. The thief doesn't just take a car, he creates an asshole in the same instant. It's like a double edged sword man.

    Anyway, sorry you're sad OP, you should probably smoke that weed asap it'll make you feel better. Tell yourself you're smoking it "for" your friend who's locked up or some shit.
  17. Strap on a pair man I wasn't even sad when I went to jail, its only temporary

    Unless he gets death penalty, or life
  18. That would be a pretty fucking severe punishment for those crimes. He'll probably get a couple years and do half of it and get out on good behavior if he plays his cards right while he's inside.
  19. #19 Mogwai, Jul 17, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 17, 2011
    Eh, I have a story about a friend similar, but more extreme haha

    My friend and I had been friends for a long time but we every now and then lost contact. One day we crossed paths in town and shit and he decided to come over since I just got a place of my own in town with another friend of mine. At this time I wasn't really smoking weed, but he and I used to blaze all the time back in the day. He brought a blunt over to smoke and I figured "you know what, fuck it, I'm gonna go ahead and smoke".

    My roommate and I, having 0 tolerance, got super fucking blasted. My roommate actually threw up and passed out early hahaha. Any way, my roommate had found some old as fuck antique knife one day and my friend who came over found it and thought it was tight as fuck. He wanted to buy it but we couldn't wake my friend up. I don't remember if I told him to take it and just pay my friend tomorrow since I knew he'd wanna sell it, or if the guy stole it]. Either way it was missing later on.

    Well anyway like a day or two later I get news that my friend who stopped by and smoked with us was on the run and nobody knew where he was. Apparently he got super fucked up on some prescription pills (he didn't have a script to them though), blacked out, and fucking stabbed a dude through the goddamn neck! It was pretty bad obviously and the guy had to be airlifted to the hospital, barely surviving. I to this day dunno if my buddy used the stolen knife or what.

    A few weeks later he turned himself in and now he's been convicted with attempted murder and a few other things. So... He's pretty much gone now. He was a crazy dude but NEVER violent to that extent, so I dunno what happened to him. I feel really bad it happened and that he's locked up now..

    Nothing that can be done. I haven't even visited him... Sorta feel like a dick about it >.>'. I'm just glad I said fuck it to not smoking and hit that blunt with him since it's gonna have been the last time we smoked most likely.. He was the guy that got me high for the first time
  20. drugs can make pple do some fucked up shit. i think people should be held responsible for their decision making but anyone who tells me drugs dont cause bad ideas and make pple do things they normally wouldn't is full of shit. thnx for the posts btw

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