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Too rich for my tastes?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rockabye, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Friday night my boyfriend and I decided to break our unbelievably long stints of sobriety. I hadn't smoked in two months, he in three, so we bought some off of a friend. He told us it was high quality (wouldn't say exactly what), but his girl threw his grinder away, so it still had stems and seeds.

    After about five minutes trying to grind with various objects from around the house, we decided to just forget about the seeds and make a tulip.

    The high was amazing at first, one of those once in a lifetime "I'll remember this feeling forever" kind of deals. Then I started feeling like I was dreaming, and waking up over and over again every few seconds. It was insane. This sensation went on for about two hours. I finally gave up on getting the good high back and just crashed at my house.

    Does anyone know what the hell it was, and if it was the quality of the weed or the seeds that screwed me up so badly?
  2. it was the bud, seeds will not get you high.
  3. Sounds like you were effin BLAZED... and not from the seeds.:p
  4. lol nice i wish i could get that high. makes me wanna take a break, but yeah i will bet u any money it was just because it was come good weed and u smoked a tulip for first time in (2 months for u,3 for husband) and marijuana is out of your system fully in like a month, so imagin your first time smokin weed and smoking a tulip of dank, u'd probly be blazed as hell. as for seeds, just pick them out and hand grind i fu got no grinder, seeds are a big deal unless ur smokin alotof them (pop,crackle,headache)<--all u need to know about them
  5. edit: first time smoking in terms of tolerance.
  6. It was awesome. I wasn't sure about the seeds thing so I thought I'd ask. I haven't smoked anything with them before, and I'd heard people say it would fuck you up but I wasn't sure.

    Unfortunately I've been told that there will be no toking now. It got him all worried. He was fine, but one of our other friends was tripping really bad too.
  7. Yeah, I've decided that I really like tulips. That dank was insane though.
  8. lol yeah if u still wanted to smoke then my advice would be to buy a gram or 2 or somethin off some1 else ..just get some totattly diffrent weed and smoke a little joint see how that goes, see what happens. either way, good luck.
  9. You were just high as fuck.
  10. T-Break :smoke:, seemed like you had fun. Wish I could get high like my first time getting dumb smacked. So much went on that night. I Miss that night.
  11. what's a tulip? flower?
  12. You brought back a thread from two years ago to say that??
  13. rofl, i thought this was a new thread untill you said that peach, smokin seeds and stems? lol, some ppl have no sense :smoke:

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