too old to call up old gf?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by chuckiez, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. so i dated this girl about 2 yrs ago made a dumbass decision and broke up with her. shes probably the best girl ive ever dated and i think about here every once in a while and i really want her back should i try?
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  3. yes, that is the only way to find out. Worst comes to worse, she shrugs you off and its a no-go.
  4. You don't have anything to lose trying. Go for it.
  5. I'd say don't do it. Even if you get back together, she'll always have that in the back of her mind. When you hook back up, the fact that you dumped her may not haunt you short-term, but long-term, it'll show itself eventually somehow, even indirectly.
  6. do it man. no point living with regrets, good luck.
  7. At least stalk her on facebook first. Find out if she has a boyfriend, that kind of thing.

    You don't want to be pouring your heart out if she's with someone else.
  8. Let us know.

  9. haha ill check that
  10. I would say go for it. But... Maybe try to just "bump" in to her, rather than forcing a convo. Even if it is on like facebook, just like a status or something dumb... then get the chat on. Just don't try to hard. Remember... you dumped her.
  11. Have your friend with a car wait 'till she's on a crosswalk then drive really fast towards here like he's gonna hit her then come out of nowhere and push her out of the way and land on top of her all sexually like. And then to top it all off pull a rose garden out of your ass and ask her to be with you again.

    Or you can call her.
  12. might as well. you aint got nathan to lose.

    its not like shes gonna come runnin to you so theres only one way to find out
  13. This!
  14. Wow having the same exact problem as you.
    i broke up with my love 2 years ago and i regret it too.
    ive been thinking about her nonstop

    Good luck man, i hope it all goes well for you
  15. it :smoke:
  16. This is true.
    But I'd still do it. ;)
  17. subbed. expecting an update, OP
  18. thought i still had her # but didnt. tryed to find her couldnt started messing with a different girl last night
  19. Well that's that I guess, huh?

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