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Too Much?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ShaneK, May 4, 2011.

  1. #1 ShaneK, May 4, 2011
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    So last weekend, me and a couple friends decided to light up. Thursday night we're out camping (I include it in the weekend because a huge storm wrecked Bradley County and cancelled school for a week.) and we get out the old bong. We had around 2 bowls of some homegrown I've been saving, when suddenly my friend has a nosebleed, and kills his buzz. Anyway, out of friendship, me and my other friend put up the green for the next day. We had a pretty rockin' night, cooking up the munchies and making fun of my friend for being on his nose period. It was pretty funny at the time.

    Around 3:30 pm Friday we break it back out at my place and start lighting up. The friend who got the nosebleed said he was getting back on the straight and narrow until it's fully legal in the U.S., so that leave me and the other guy the rest of the pot. He didn't want to take any back home with him, so we do all of it. We were doing massive hits. The nosebleeder was sitting there smoking my cigs, don't diss, and was counting how many bowls we went through. I remember feeling like I was melting into the floor. The couch felt like it on the edge of a cliff, and I remember climbing fully onto it thinking I was going to fall. I then proceeded to throw up eight or nine times, and fell asleep in the bathroom. I woke up about an hour later, and was still tripping balls. I zoned in and out of reality for a few more hours when I fell asleep on my couch in my bedroom. This is what I don't understand, I was still high the next day, after 12 hours of sleep! I mean, I was completely baked out of my mind. I didn't start coming down until eight that night. I asked my nose period friend how many me and my other friend had, and he said we went through about 2 oz. It was rediculous. So did I do way too much? I'm now expecting many "cool story bro!"'s.
  2. This story sounds amazing while high, however, i dont think you did too much weed, you probably had your sugar low

  3. I always eat those addictive blue raspberry jolly ranchers, so it probably wasn't that, but who knows?
  4. Yea, it sounds like low blood sugar symptoms were amplified by the weed.

    You should've stayed still and drank some orange juice slowly and tried to relax haha

    But god damn haha!

  5. All in all, it was awesome, except when I puked my brains out. It was some good shit, if only I could get these bastard seeds to grow. The soil in my new spot has so much clay in it, it's not looking good for them.
  6. you got that high from 2 bowls between 2 people? i didnt even get that high from that little when i first started smoking.

  7. Wrong. We quit for the rest of the night, and the next day got blasted. Read.
  8. oh. when you said you had 2 bowls at the camp and then said you broke it out the next night i thought you still only had 2 bowls...didnt see the 2oz. until the end.

    tbh i dont think i could smoke 2oz. with a friend in a single night if i tried.

  9. I wish I got that high off of two bowls. Weed would be so much more economy friendly if I did. :p
  10. 2 oz?! I call bullshit! Isn't that like 300 worth of pot?

  11. If you grow, it's free. I just spend money on a shovel and let nature run its course.

  12. I puked when i got ash in my through from hard coughing a couple months ago.

    I was really fucking high when i threw up so i thought it was hilarious haha

    dude potting soil at lowes is like 7 bucks, what are you waiting for?
  13. could be anywhere from about $100 (shake) to 800 (dank) really. depends on quality and area

    so you smoked like 1/2 a plant or so in a night? what a waste

  14. I have plenty left. It's like rolling a really fat joint, if you have the pot to put in there, you'll do it.

  15. pics..

  16. Want a blurry one?

  17. Why you breaking balls?

  18. If he want's a pic, he can have one. I had to get out my camera for this one, the droid wasn't wanting to take. Notice, my jar says balls on it :laughing:

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  19. If you can remember the story that wasn't too much :cool:

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