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Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Archie oogllee, Nov 8, 2018 at 1:43 AM.

  1. Should I be getting this much yellowing just 35 days in flower or could it be the UVB lights? It started about a week later after the UVB 20181107_192204.jpg 20181107_192233.jpg 20181107_192225.jpg 20181107_192213.jpg
  2. Light burn? It's just the top leaves on the 2 end plants.
  3. Ya I’d probably raise my light. I actually have my light super high, as high as I can hang it in my tent. About a 2-2.5 foot tall canopy, then the light about equal distance away
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  4. These leaves didn't start out just gradually yellow from the outside in, they instantly turned completely yellow.
  5. 35 actual days of flowering, or 35 days of light switch? Do you have a nute schedule you are following? Just looks like a nitrogen deficiency to me.
  6. I realized last night that the yellowing is only under the UVB lights. I'm going to stop using them for awhile to see if it stops
  7. Do you have a nute schedule you are following?
  8. I have a strict feeding schedule, mainly fox farms
  9. Did you change anything from the last feeding?
  10. Not a thing nutrient wise, just added 2 hours of UVB light before the lights go out.
  11. Interesting, let us know the results.
  12. I stopped using the UVB yesterday so it's a waiting game now.

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