too much wind possible?

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  1. is it possible to have too much wind? what are the signs or having to much? i have a minor issue with some plants where the sides of the leaflets are curling downwards. they also feel very dry, almost brittle but not enough to break. i suspected before overwatering, underwatering, too much nutes, nute deficient, ph imbalance, spraying leaves with water, but dont think it's any of them. its only several leaves on like 4 different plants out of 12. i rotate often so it's hard for me to tell if it's the ones closest to the circ fan. i know for sure it's not bugs. i've been told by others, and kind of already know that it's nothing to worry about, but i just want to know what causes that.
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  3. Well at least you scientifically ruled them out. :rolleyes:

    So you want to rule out the real possibilities of your issue, and pin it on the wind. is that because thats the easiest one to tend to?

    What did you do to rule out "overwatering, underwatering, too much nutes, nute deficient, ph imbalance" ? Because in that list is more likely your issue than too much wind.
  4. i dont think it's underwatering because it's always somewhat moist. all the leaves never droop down. i've grown outdoors and know what underwatering looks like. i dont think overwatering is really possible for e. i have grow bags with the drain holes. i have FFOF soil and it has excellent drainage. since i have FFOF i dont think it would lack nutes at only 40 days into veg. i have been giving them FF big bloom and FF grow big every other watering. i also do a bit less than it says to. i got a ph meter and they're all around 6.5-6.7 i know they say 6.3 but i figured it's close enough. i also was using tap water before but now switched to reverse osmosis. can the small amount of chlorine from the tap water before really make that much of a difference? i was spraying the leaves before with water also but that was because i was having trouble keeping the tent cool. and this is only on a few leaves of a few plants. now i just put a bowl of ice by the circ fan and refill it a couple times a day whenever. seems to help a bit. i thought perhaps the leaves with the symptoms may have been moving too much from the circ fan, just a wild guess. any ideas let me know. thanks!
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