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Too Much Weed!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Dec 8, 2002.

  1. A couple of my friends talked me into expanding my growing area. I use a green house to grow vegetables in and grow my weed in there as well.

    Two months ago I doubled my area and crop. Now I have so much weed that there's no way to smoke it all in the next six months.... I am going to skip what would be the next grow time to keep from having a shitload too much.

    Problem........What to do with all this extra weed???????

    Any solutions?
  2. I'll take it off your hands. What a burden that must be! You have my total sympathy.....

  3. yeah i can help you out with that too! heehee

    actually, you could bake with it, a whole bunch of brownies/cookies/cakes/etc! :D or, store it in the freezer for when times aren't as lucky?
  4. hey start dealing man it will get some extra money. just deal to close friends.

    I am your solution and unlike the other solutions mentioned...I live closer to you!!!!!!! ;)

    Seriously...I'm the answer to your prayers!
  6. I knew there would be people here to help me solve my problem. I grow enough to have left overs by the harvest time comes around.This time I tried a little different ferts and doubled my grow and wow way more than i can use....

    Well if all ya'll good people would send me something good, I'll send some of this stuff to ya!.. No money please!!!!!!

    RMJL I have seriously been thinking about smoking your ass to the floor! I may get that way soon!
    Don't worry I'll bring enough to leave some for you! You have to promise NOT to make me look like a newbie. I don't get to smoke half as much as you do! LMAO
  7. BTW It is against my beliefs to sell. I will do what i can to help out my fellow tokers out though!
  8. Well, I live really close to you guys too, wanna hook it up? heh.
  9. just freeze it dude
  10. i would donate it to a local med marijuana co-op or and or do what critter says and



  11. or donate it too the 'i need some bud for free, so fork it over dude' foundation of the weed smokers of

    ...its for a good cause...

  12. i agree with ganjaphish ... how awsome would it be too smoke a blunt ... get the muchies... chow down some brownies ..etc ... get thirsty and drink some milk or tea ...
  13. Make a shitload of hash, honey oil, kif, and brownies.

  14. I knew you would say that my friend..

    I grow in circles so to speak. I keep one plant and seeding so i can replant. I just don't want to let the seeds set to long.

    Also I have a little over five a half pounds. I could stay completely stoned for a long ass time!

    I thought of freezing. I just hate messing my growing schedule up!
  15. How bout when I come to UTK in a few weeks I pick up a few zones? You'd be the man, lol. What all strains do you have?
  16. Bud Head...........Have I ever told you how wonderful I think you are and how much I admire and respect you as a person!!!!!! LOL. I'm no good at ass kissing.......never have been. But I'm glad the pot god has blessed you with such a nice crop.

    You could always take pity upon me and bring me just a lil!!!! LOL. We could always do some "trading"!!!!! LMAO!!!!
  17. I WISH I had your problem!!
  18. That would be cool, Bud Head! Just let me know when you're coming. I have to go to Murfreesboro at some point soon too and I think you're on the way. Well, close enough....I could always stop by and see ya! Oh yeah, what do you think about the Titans win, yesterday? Not bad, huh?

    Hey JTMarlin, when are you going to be Knoxville?
  19. hey yo can i purchase some. i live in virginia
  20. Well, I live about 50 mins from Murfreesboro. I'll give you a clue: Saturn, anyways, my brother has a house up there and I'll probably be going to UT next year. I'm gonna be up there at Christmas break for a few days I reckon.

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