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Too much weed in my brownies

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Madix, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. So, it was my first time making pot brownies, I started of by making about 1/4 of a cup of cannaoil with less than a tablespoon of weed. All the articles I read said to use like a cup of weed for a whole recipe of oil. SO I figured I was going real light on the weed and only had enough oil to make two effective "cupcake sized" brownies. I baked them, two tablespoons of oil in each... The texture is great, but they are SO STRONG they literally taste so bad I gagged... I had like two bites. SO I was wondering what I should do with them? Should I make like brownies balls with frosting to dilute the taste...I literally don't know what to do, I don' want to waste them. Thanks.
  2. thanks this solved all my problems.
  3. sorry i cant save you from your past tense problem...
  4. False. I could make them into cakeballs. Or something, I just thought someone might have a better idea.
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  5. hand em out to fresh off the boat asians in random public places so you dont git cornholed by uppity straight edgers
  6. i still cant undo anything youve done dog sorry
  7. nah man it's good, I was just like??? why he postin a music video lol.
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  8. you said balls
  9. The icing will help. I made a cake and it was very intensely flavored. Put icing on it and you could barely taste the plant.

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  10. if i were you id grub em and take a crazy hike to metabolize
  11. becuase I like balls...
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  12. its quite the fun word
  13. Yeah, I'd make cake balls and put icing on them. My inedible batch I crumbled up and made into a milkshake. Still tasted terrible. Glad you didn't use much cannabis!

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