Too much water on e?

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  1. I know drinking too much water can kill you.. And were making sure were not doing that, but would drinking water lessen the effects of the beans? Thanks guys
  2. Water isnt going to lessen to effect
    in my expeirence it just feels good to drink the water

    just enjoy the beans,
    be careful,
    and enjoy without worrying about this small stuff
  3. Drinking wont lessen the effect, but an empty stomache will definately increase the effects and make it kick in faster. I don't eat any protein the day I roll and I eat a light breakfast like a bagel with cream cheese or cereal, dont eat lunch and roll balls for dinner:D. People always make a big deal about dehydrating or overhydrating, it's not as bad as people make it out to be, 2-3 water bottles will last you the night and if you are dancing/sweating a lot make it 4 bottles, but be safe and have fun!
  4. It's key to make sure you hydrate yourself starting atleast a few days before.

    Starting off well hydrated is a thousand times better than starting off dehydrated and trying to drink water to rehydrate which takes time

    If you already drink plenty of water than just make sure you have a couple bottles or one big bottle full.

    The only way i could see drinking enough water to hurt you is if you were rolling fucking hard and started focusing on how great the water felt to drink and kept drinking bottle after bottle

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