Too much water kill plants ?

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  1. I saw a picture of over water plant and it looks bad like is melting. My question is when I flush a plant I need to put a lot of water on it. Will this cause the plant to get over water or there is another step I need to do when I flush a plant after I put a lot of water on it and let it drain?

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  2. Depends on medium how you flush. But generally speaking 3x potsize phed water for flush. To much water can hurt your plant if you don't have perlite in your soil, even without a flush.

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  3. Your soil can only hold a certain amount of water. So when you flush, even though your putting way more water in, it still will end up only being a little more wet than when you water normally. That is if you water untill there's 15-20% run off like most do. You'll drown your roots from overwatering by continuing to water it too often and not letting the soil dry out a bit so the roots can breathe.

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  4. Cool glad I could help! Just remember all that water is gonna run out the bottom of the pot except for however much you soil can hold (size of pot, type of medium). Just make sure not to water again till the pot is light when you pick it up!

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