Too much ventilation/suction?

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  1. I have a small grow tent 2' x 2' x 5' for 20 cubic feet. I am REALLY concerned about smell however. If I had about 200 CFM of suction through a carbon filter will there be any problems? If not, will this combat even the stinkiest plants?
  2. you only need a fan that pulls 120cfm's with a carbon filter......

    is this an inline fan? if so just purchase a fan speed controller from greners... don't get them from your local hydro store, too expensive

    if your using a pc fan... your going to have to get a switchable power source.... radio shack has them for 20 bucks... it looks like a cell phone charger, all white and i think its in a green box....

    with the size of your fan i wouldn't be concerned with smell... as long as you have a carbon filter you should be set
  3. so 120 CFM for a 20 cubic foot space will clear the smell of a tent full of sour diesel and AK47?
  4. yep.. with a carbon scrubber... but if you can get a larger inline fan in there.. do it... the larger the fan the better and get a speed control.. and slow a larger fan down... this makes it more quiet
  5. mine's 2x4x7, 56 cubic feet. I use a 170cfm fan and you can't smell a thing.
  6. what are you growing?
  7. Some stinking ass yumbolt 47. It's over 20% thc.

    Last time I grew fruity chronic juice. It's a chronic/white widow cross. Stinks like a mofo. The filter works. The main thing is that you want to be able to zip your tent, and have the walls cave in just a little. That bit of negative pressure ensures that no air is going out the cracks, (because air is being sucked in). That way all the stinky air goes through the filter.

    Check out the grow in my sig to see.
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    i would get something like this High Tech Garden Supply for that size tent. it makes a bit of noise but it will do the job well. getting rid of smell isnt the problem, you can fix that with a good carbon scrubber and any old fan that has enough power to push air through an inch of carbon. the problem is heat and enough air circulation. i think if you try to go with one of the cheap inline fans (can fan) or an array of pc fans, your tent will be an oven and you wont have enough CO2 passing through. always go big on ventilation and you will save yourself some trouble down the road. ;)

    also, dont look at fans only in terms of cfm. the fan i recomended is 170cfm, but it has much more static pushing power (meaning it can push air through a carbon scrubber really well). it likely pushes 150cfm through a scrubber. but a 250cfm cheap can fan, probably only has the power to push 80cfm through a scrubber. hope this helps. gl!
  9. That's exactly the fan I have but w/ the filter. Got it from HTG.
  10. The "acid test" I recommend is to burn incense in the grow area and see if you can smell it.

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