too much tongue while kissing?

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  1. have you ever made out with a girl that just used wayyy too much tongue? Last night I was hooking up with this nice girl I met and we talked for about an hour until we were alone and then i made my move and we started kissing, it was normal for the first couple seconds but then she just started tongue wrestling me like mad..

    I thought she was just playin around and doing it kinda jokingly so i kinda giggled and started wrestling back but she kept going so each kiss ended up being like 8 seconds long of just pure tongue and there was absolutely no rhythm or pattern to it at all ahaha

    totally threw me off.. but whatever

    anyone else relate?
  2. Yeah I know what you mean. Throw it in every one in awhile for a surprise but I personally think it just gets in the way.
  3. Yeah, I was use to kissing one person, then another had a total dif style, completely different and it didnt work well.
  4. Big time, I like to have a rhythm to my kissing and you know I incorporate tongue but just a little dip then im closing again and also mixed in with just pecks and some neck kisses and i dunno ahaha i have my own style but girls love it but I couldnt get my game going with this one
  5. I have friends who always tell me they ahve this problem with girls, I must be really lucky; every single girl, and I mean every one I've ever made out with has been a good kisser. I guess I know how to pick them.
  6. I hate that sloppy shit if like when it gets on ur cheek or something , I already know if its like that the girls a not so good kisser..

    But I'm just a good kisser tho, Im not that into it tho, Id rather just get some head and then dip in
  7. Haha yeah kissing is okay for about 3 minutes then it's time to venture down the pants, unfortunately she pulled my hand out so I said i had to piss then it was over :wave:
  8. I'm not going to lie, when i started dating my boyfriend he was a terrible kisser. My God, it was dreadful... until one night i looked at him and said, "Dude, if we're going to do this, you're going to need to match what i do because i'm sick of all the spit swapping you're doing."

    After that he basically mimmicked what i did and it's been glorious since then. I mean, even thinking about it is a turn on. He has the best lips in the world, i shit you not. They're perfect and soft and full. Uhhhhhh.

    I figured we could be honest since he told me that I was "okay" at giving head. So, of course i got self concious and didn't want to do it since no head should just be "okay" that basically translates into "you fucking suck, and not in the good way". Now, I'm much better. :smoke:
  9. Haha yeah everyone needs to be guided sometimes, but I know what you mean about mimmicking the other person that's usually your best bet to not seem like an idiot ahaha
  10. I don't mind a little tongue wrestling every once in a while when kissing as long as it isn't sloppy
  11. My girlfriend has a lip ring. Throws me right the fuck off some days. She took it off a couple weeks ago and kissing her was completely different.

    I remember this girl I met in Ireland. She was a blonde from LA looking for a party. We drank, danced that whole thing. At one point she grabs me and we start making out. She used a LOT of tongue. Significantly more than my girlfriend uses. It was enjoyable but I had been drinking for 8 hours at that point.

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